Michael Moore: We’re in the ‘Last Days of Democracy’

Michael Moore: We’re in the ‘Last Days of Democracy’

October 22, 2018

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore warned an audience this weekend that populist leaders like President Trump and Italy’s Matteo Salvini could be leading democracy off a cliff.

Moore made the remarks while speaking at the Italian premiere of his new anti-Trump film Fahrenheit 11/9, which has been a box-office bomb. He compared Italy’s current interior minister Salvini to Trump, citing their rhetoric and tough stances on illegal migration.

“Literally [sic], someone like Trump or Salvini can get behind the wheel of the car of democracy, and drive it right off the cliff,” Moore said, “and that’s what I’m warning against here. We could be in the last days of democracy as we know it, and we need to fight against that as much as possible.”

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