Michael Moore: Trump More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

Michael Moore: Trump More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

March 2, 2020

Friday on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, documentary propagandist Michael Moore became the latest leftist celebrity to suggest that President Trump is more dangerous than the coronavirus and to claim falsely that Trump called the disease a “hoax.”

“If you have the president telling people it’s a hoax, that there’s nothing to worry about, that it will disappear as he said yesterday, and it’ll be a miracle. I sat there just now thinking before I came in here: ‘which is more dangerous? A virus or a president who says that?’

“Because at least if we were honest and knew everything about the virus and the facts were all out there, science could start to deal with it. Whatever innoculation, whatever we need to come up with, whatever we need to invent, we could start that process,” Moore added.

Actor/activist Alec Baldwin also said this weekend that Trump is the true “pandemic that threatens the world.” Moore and Baldwin are proof that Hollywood is full of fear-mongering, anti-Trump demagogues.

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