Michael Moore Smears Judge Barrett With Altered Photo

Michael Moore Smears Judge Barrett With Altered Photo

October 15, 2020

Monday on Twitter, documentary propagandist Michael Moore shared an altered photo to smear Judge Amy Coney Barrett as an oppressed religious fanatic.

Moore posted side-by-side photos of Barrett and a protester dressed as a character from The Handmaid’s Tale, a fictional television series frequently cited by leftist fear-mongers as a metaphor for the status of women under a Trump patriarchy. “Under His eye,” Moore wrote, quoting from the series, which was adapted from a decades-old novel. “Blessed be the fruit.” The coloring of Barrett’s dress had been altered to match the protester’s red outfit.

The notion that women are oppressed under the Trump administration, or that Trump is steering our society in that direction, is demonstrably ludicrous. No president has appointed more women to positions of power.

The notion that the brilliant and accomplished Judge Barrett herself, a devout Catholic with seven children, is somehow the equivalent of one of the abused, cultish “handmaids” from the TV series is just as idiotic, but the left must cling to its false narrative that Republicans are the American equivalent of the Taliban.

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