Michael Moore, Shaun King Say They’ll ‘Settle for Biden’

Michael Moore, Shaun King Say They’ll ‘Settle for Biden’

August 11, 2020

In a recent episode of the Rumble with Michael Moore podcast, documentary propagandist and anti-white racist Michael Moore and Black Lives Matter race-monger Shaun King confessed that they are willing to “settle” for voting for cognitively-challenged candidate Joe Biden in November, even though they believe parts of his policy platform are “worse than virtually every major Democrat’s plan.”

“In all of the states where Biden campaigned for months, he got his ass handed to him,” King said. “In the places where he spent a ton of time campaigning, legitimately trying to earn people’s votes, from Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada — he got crushed.”

Moore added, “He didn’t come in second, or third, or fourth in some places.”

“And there was zero enthusiasm,” King continued. “I ask people, like, ‘Did you ever like Joe Biden before he was Obama’s vice president?’ And people, almost universally, would say no.” That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.

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