Michael Moore Predicts Trump Victory in 2020

Michael Moore Predicts Trump Victory in 2020

December 27, 2019

In an interview on Thursday with “Democracy Now!,” documentary propagandist Michael Moore predicted another election victory for President Trump in 2020 if Democrats give voters “another Hillary Clinton.”

“I believe whoever the Democrat is next year is going to win by 4 to 5 million popular votes,” Moore said. “There’s no question in my mind that people who stayed home, who sat on the bench, they’re going to pour out, in California, New York and — you know, but also in Texas and whatever, I mean, places that Trump will probably win, but, yeah, there’s going to be a much higher percentage of people voting against him.

“The problem is, is that he will — if the vote were today, I believe, he would win the electoral states that he would need, because, living out there, I will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch… So, what we have to do is, we have to make sure we don’t give them another Hillary Clinton to vote for.”

Moore correctly predicted Trump’s win in 2016, and at the rate things are going, he’ll be right about 2020 too.

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