Michael Moore: Michelle Obama Can ‘Crush’ Trump

Michael Moore: Michelle Obama Can ‘Crush’ Trump

August 1, 2019

In a post-debate interview on MSNBC Wednesday, documentary propagandist Michael Moore claimed that former First Lady Michelle Obama is the “street fighter” candidate who can “crush” President Trump in 2020.

“Let’s get out the Democratic base of young people, women, and people of color. The worst thing to do is to moderate, to go to the center, and to think that’s how we’re going to win. This is how we’re going to lose.”

The right candidate, demagogue Moore continued, is “a beloved American who’s not an inside-the-beltway politician type person, but somebody who’s going to be a street fighter and fight for that 70% majority that’s going to take us back into the White House.”

“Michelle Obama. Everybody watching this right now knows she is a beloved American and she would go in there and she would beat him,” he added. “She would beat him in the debates, he wouldn’t be able to bully her, he wouldn’t be able to nickname her and she is beloved,” Moore added, grossly underestimating Trump’s own popularity and street smarts.


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