Maher Says Hillary Obstructed Justice

Maher Says Hillary Obstructed Justice

June 11, 2019

Monday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, comedian and HBO host Bill Maher conceded that failed 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton committed obstruction of justice.

“[S]he committed obstruction of justice — now Trump did in a much worse fashion but, you know, smashing up your phones,” Maher told host Chris Cuomo. “They overcovered it. They beat it to death. I mean, even Bernie Sanders had said in one of the early debates, ‘Enough about Hillary’s emails.’”

Maher added that he did not have much faith in the media to do its job during the 2020 presidential campaign, given that their main objective is profit. “I don’t know, but no, I don’t trust the media. If that’s the question, that’s my answer.”

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