Lieu: Trump Asked Ukraine to ‘Manufacture Dirt’ on Biden

Lieu: Trump Asked Ukraine to ‘Manufacture Dirt’ on Biden

September 26, 2019

Wednesday on The Hill’s Rising, Rep. Ted Lieu accused President Trump of asking the Ukraine President to “manufacture dirt” on 2020 candidate Joe Biden by looking into Biden’s son’s business deals there.

Lieu claimed that the “evidence” from a “whistleblower” suggests Trump is guilty of “a number” of impeachable violations, including “getting a foreign power to meddle in our elections.”

Asked if the $50,000 a month Hunter Biden received from a Ukrainian energy company was evidence of corruption, Lieu said, “No, people sit on boards, they get monetary payments and what evidence actually shows is the Ukrainians actually looked into this, terminated the investigation and found nothing there. So this is just made up, which is also very troubling because you have the American president essentially asking the Ukrainians to manufacture dirt on a political opponent because there really was not evidence of corruption.”

Breitbart News notes that Joe Biden bragged on video about withholding $1 billion from Ukraine unless its government fired a prosecutor investigating his son.

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