Lieu: ‘Straight Line’ Between Trump’s Words and the Riots

Lieu: ‘Straight Line’ Between Trump’s Words and the Riots

August 31, 2020

Sunday on MSNBC, Rep. Ted Lieu claimed that the far-left violence raging in cities across the country such as Kenosha, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon is a direct result of the “actions and words” of President Trump.

“Donald Trump is a sitting president of the United States,” Lieu said. “The violence and chaos we’re seeing in Portland in Kenosha, Wisconsin is happening under his watch. You can draw a straight line between some of his actions and words and this violence.”

“After the Republican National Convention, they featured a couple who illegally waved their guns at protestors. It’s no wonder then that a Trump super-supporter would cross state lines into Kenosha, Wisconsin and kill two protestors. Then today, we see Donald Trump liking a tweet that praised Kyle Rittenhouse, the person who did that. What we need is Donald Trump to deescalate tensions, condemn all violence, including those caused by his own protestors, and then we can start to heal as a nation.”

One has to admire the left’s relentless ability to stay on the offensive and accuse opponents of that of which they themselves are guilty, even when Americans can plainly see who is really behind the violence.

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