Lieu: Senate Republicans Are a ‘Quivering Mass of Jello’

Lieu: Senate Republicans Are a ‘Quivering Mass of Jello’

February 14, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC, Rep. Ted Lieu declared that Senate Republicans who will not stand up to the President regarding the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) reversal on Trump advisor Roger Stone’s sentencing are all “a quivering mass of jello.”

Asked what he thinks about impeaching Atty. Gen. Bill Barr for “using DOJ as the president’s personal law firm,” Lieu replied, “So other than Senator Mitt Romney, all the Senate Republicans are a quivering mass of jello. They’re going to bow down, kneel before Donald Trump. As a result, the only folks that will hold Donald Trump accountable are the American people in November.

“My view is the House Judiciary Committee on which I sit, needs to continue to expose this misconduct and outrageous behavior of the administration, so the American people have the information they need before they vote,” he added.

Americans are getting plenty of information about misconduct and outrageous behavior, and they will hold the Democrats accountable for it in November.

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