Jordan Top Court Dissolves Country’s Muslim Brotherhood

Jordan Top Court Dissolves Country’s Muslim Brotherhood

July 17, 2020

An official reported Thursday that Jordan’s top court has dissolved the country’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the modern mothership of worldwide Islamic terrorism, declaring the group failed to “rectify its legal status,” according to Breitbart News.

“The Court of Cassation yesterday issued a final verdict ruling that the Muslim Brotherhood group is dissolved… for failing to rectify its legal status under Jordanian law,” the official said. Breitbart noted that “[i]n April 2016, security services closed the Brotherhood’s Amman headquarters and several regional offices.” The Brotherhood “took the case to court in a bid to retrieve the properties, but the court in its verdict Wednesday ordered it dissolved.”

Sheikh Hamza Mansur, head of the MB’s ruling council, said the group would appeal Wednesday’s ruling. “The Muslim Brotherhood … is a model of moderation and an important element in strengthening national unity, so dissolving it is not in the national interest,” he said.

Dissolving the terrorist MB is in every nation’s interest.

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