Insider: Castro Snared Chavez With ‘Women’ and ‘Witchcraft’

Insider: Castro Snared Chavez With ‘Women’ and ‘Witchcraft’

May 31, 2019

A close former military aide to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez claimed Wednesday that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (pictured above) had Chávez killed after seducing him with “women” and “witchcraft.”

The Argentine news outlet Infobae published the allegations of retired Lt. Gen. Emiro Antonio Brito Valerio, who stated that Castro used his Venezuelan ally for political gain.

Brito says “Chávez fell hopelessly in love with Fidel Castro. Fidel wanted Chávez to work for him, the man ensnared him with the promise of power, he tricked Chávez and swindled him and he was f*cked. Fidel blinded him with many things, with women, he got to him with witchcraft,” Brito asserted.

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