Harris: Trump ‘Suppressing the Vote’ by Opposing Vote-by-Mail

Harris: Trump ‘Suppressing the Vote’ by Opposing Vote-by-Mail

May 21, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC, failed Democrat presidential nominee Kamala Harris claimed that President Trump is trying to “suppress the vote” by opposing the vote-by-mail process being pushed by Democrat leaders.

Asked by race-mongering network host Joy Reid about Trump threatening Michigan for mailing out absentee ballot applications, Harris replied, “Yeah. Mr. President, it is a federal crime to withhold money from states with the purpose of interfering with people’s right to vote…

“But it’s clear he’s worried about whether he’s going win this election. So it is an attempt to suppress the vote, which is an attempt to have these states not send these applications for vote-by-mail so that people will not get those applications to vote by mail and then not vote by mail.. This is another example of Donald Trump being complicit with an attempt or even purposely attempting to suppress the vote in an election.”

No, it’s an attempt to suppress widespread Democrat voter fraud, which is the sole reason liars like Harris are pushing so hard for vote-by-mail.

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