Gore: Trump Has Learned ‘You Can’t Gaslight a Virus’

Gore: Trump Has Learned ‘You Can’t Gaslight a Virus’

March 31, 2020

On CNN on Monday, climate change alarmist Al Gore falsely claimed President Trump initially misled his supporters by calling the coronavirus a hoax.

“I feel especially badly for those who really follow President Trump and believe in him, and, you know, there are quite a few people in our country that do…” Gore said. “I’m afraid many of them have been misled into thinking that some of his earlier statements about using the word ‘hoax,’ and used it in a specialized way, but saying it was going to disappear, those kinds of things…”

“Now, I think the president, to his credit, has been moving away from that. Now, I think he’s learned that you can’t gaslight a virus. You’ve really got to pay attention to what the scientific facts are. And by the way, we need to do that where the climate crisis is concerned, too, because it’s exactly the same thing.”

Actually, it’s not. The coronavirus is a real issue against which Trump has launched a major offensive. The man-made climate crisis is a globalist, anti-capitalist scam.

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