Gore: Impeachment the Remedy for Trump’s ‘Obscene Behavior’

Gore: Impeachment the Remedy for Trump’s ‘Obscene Behavior’

September 18, 2019

Tuesday on MSNBC’s All In, former Vice President Al Gore said he believes the only “remedy” for President Trump’s “obscene behavior” is impeachment.

“I deeply respect [Nancy] Pelosi and her calculation of the risks and benefits and the way she’s been handling it,” Gore said. “And I think Chairman [Jerry] Nadler is doing a superb job. Where I come down on this is, I get the political calculus, but it can’t end there because of the risks that we end up normalizing the most obscene behavior I’ve ever seen from a president of the United States. And if we did not challenge this behavior, then I think we’d be making a mistake.

“It’s certainly true the Senate is unlikely in its present formulation to convict, you know, obviously. But I think we have an obligation beyond all of that to the Constitution. And the only remedy for these serious crimes that have been alleged is the impeachment process,” he continued.

Democrats have obsessed over impeachment for 3 years and found zero evidence of “serious crimes.”

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