Gore: Brexit the ‘Stupidest Decision” a Country Can Make

Gore: Brexit the ‘Stupidest Decision” a Country Can Make

December 11, 2019

“Climate change” Cassandra and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore told cheering activists at the COP25 climate conference in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday that Brexit is “perhaps the stupidest decision” a country could make.

Declaring that Brexit is “perhaps the stupidest decision a country could have taken,” Gore went on to warn the globe-trotting, carbon footprint-spreading attendees at the conference of the “serious problem of global warming” that needs to be addressed, claiming it is “causing millions of climate refugees who need to leave their homes to find other places to live.”

“We must stop breaking the water cycle and not continue ‘turning the sky into a sewer’ by the emission of polluting gases,” he added.

Gore, who has raked in millions of dollars by ramping up hysteria over dire environmental predictions that never come true, naturally opposes Brexit because nationalist sovereignty serves to foil his globalist, big-government vision.

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