Former Staffer Accuses Gov. Cuomo of Sexual Harassment

Former Staffer Accuses Gov. Cuomo of Sexual Harassment

February 25, 2021

In a blog post published Wednesday at Medium, a former aide has accused embattled, lethally incompetent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Lindsey Boylan, the former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to Cuomo, claimed he repeatedly touched her body, attempted to kiss her on the mouth, invited her to play “strip poker,” and overtly objectified her. She documented these claims in the blog post with screenshots of emails and texts.

Boylan added that Cuomo’s top female staff members “normalized” the governor’s conduct. In 2018, she says, after Cuomo allegedly kissed her without consent, “I came to work nauseous every day. My relationship with his senior team — mostly women — grew hostile after I started speaking up for myself. I was reprimanded and told to get in line by his top aides, but I could no longer ignore it,” so she resigned.

These damning allegations come as Cuomo’s career is already going down in flames. After spending all of 2020 falsely blaming former President Trump for mishandling the coronavirus, and publishing a book touting himself as a hero of the pandemic, Cuomo has been exposed for trying to suppress the truth about skyrocketing nursing home coronavirus deaths in his state for fear of a federal investigation — which is now underway.

He has also been exposed by a fellow Democrat, New York Rep. Ron Kim, for threatening to destroy Kim’s career over revelations of the coronavirus scandal. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has thrown Cuomo under the bus, siding with Rep. Kim, and New York state lawmakers are calling for Cuomo’s emergency powers to be stripped from him. Even fellow Democrats are beginning to call for Cuomo’s resignation or recall.

“Governor Cuomo has earned his title as Worst Governor in America, and now every New Yorker knows that he is a criminal sexual predator,” NY Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican, declared in a statement.

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