Fonda Wants to ‘Halt’ Govts That Don’t Fight Climate Change

Fonda Wants to ‘Halt’ Govts That Don’t Fight Climate Change

October 15, 2019

Actress, activist, and Vietnam War traitor Jane Fonda said on CNN Monday that governments that don’t fight climate change should be brought to “a halt.”

“This is a collective crisis that required collective action, so I decided to use my celebrity to try to raise the sense of urgency, and I moved to Washington and I’m going to get arrested every Friday,” said Fonda.

“We have 11 years left to try to turn this fossil fuel disaster around so that we don’t completely pass the tipping point and it becomes untenable to govern, untenable to have a stable economy, or any kind of human rights or anything. There’s just going to be one disaster on top of another. But we do have time. We have time and it’s going to require people in every country all around the world to organize and mobilize and, if necessary, bring governments to a halt if we can’t make them do the right thing,” she added.

To confront the worst government climate offenders, Fonda should begin with Communist China, but leftists find that targeting America is safer and more satisfying.

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