Fonda: Use Coronavirus Recovery Money to Fight Climate Change

Fonda: Use Coronavirus Recovery Money to Fight Climate Change

May 4, 2020

In her monthly online “Fire Drill Friday” climate change rally, former actress and Vietnam-era traitor Jane Fonda demanded the government end fossil fuels and protect worker rights during the coronavirus pandemic, and allot recovery money to green energy instead.

“These historic sums of stimulus money aren’t going to happen again, maybe even during our lifetimes. And where they go and how they are spent will determine so much about what kind of future we have,” Fonda said. “So while we insist on more funding to heal the effects of this pandemic, we must also insist that the money is used to lay the foundation for a clean, sustainable energy future as well as justice and dignity and a level playing field for all workers.”

Railing against corporate bailouts, Fonda added, “Fossil fuel executives don’t give a fuzzy rat’s ass about workers or communities’ well being.”

In fact, it was Democrats who blocked Republican-backed aid for small businesses. Fonda and her fellow leftist opportunists are the ones who don’t give a rat’s ass about the American people.

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