Fonda Launches Climate PAC: ‘8 Years Before Point of No Return’

Fonda Launches Climate PAC: ‘8 Years Before Point of No Return’

March 18, 2022

In a video message on Wednesday, actress/activist and Vietnam-era traitor Jane Fonda announced she is launching the Jane Fonda Climate PAC as the country faces skyrocketing fuel prices.

“I’ve never been afraid to stand up to politicians who ignore the realities of what’s at stake,” she says in the video. She’s also never been afraid to sell out her country to the enemy.

“Scientists have been very clear: we have to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030,” she said. “We have eight years — that’s just four election cycles — before the point of no return. And there’s no question that the obstacle between saving the planet and not is the money that has a stranglehold on our politicians.”

Fonda went on to blather about “politicians backed by Big Oil” before concluding, “Let’s send a message to the politicians who are bankrolled. You should be as scared for your careers as we are by the climate spinning out of our control. We will not back down.”

The problem is not politicians backed by “Big Oil,” but 1) politicians hell-bent on crashing the fossil fuel economy in order to kickstart the Great Reset, and 2) aging actresses trying to exploit climate change hysteria (“We have only 8 years left!”) and to stay relevant in the culture.

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