Fonda Demands U.S. Pay for Afghan Refugee Resettlement

Fonda Demands U.S. Pay for Afghan Refugee Resettlement

September 1, 2021

Breitbart News reports that actress/activist and Vietnam-era traitor Jane Fonda is among the Hollywood celebrities campaigning for the U.S. and its allies pay for the resettlement of Afghan refugees in the wake of the Taliban takeover in that country.

Others who have signed on include Glenn Close, Emma Thompson, and unhinged, anti-Trump hysteric Rosanna Arquette.

The One Billion Rising campaign said other countries have the duty to “welcome refugees, with the U.S. and their allies assuming the responsibility of financing the cost of resettling displaced people from Afghanistan.”

The lifelong anti-American protester Fonda, of course, publicly endorsed and campaigned for the hapless Joe Biden during last year’s presidential race. Instead of denouncing his incompetence in the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, she demands that Americans pay the price, economic and otherwise, for what will end up being a tsunami of Afghans fleeing Taliban savagery.

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