Flashback: Bloomberg Accused De Blasio of Racist Campaign

Flashback: Bloomberg Accused De Blasio of Racist Campaign

February 13, 2020

Breitbart News points out that in an August 2013 interview with the New Yorker, current White House hopeful and billionaire Mike Bloomberg accused Bill de Blasio, his successor as NYC Mayor, of running a “racist” campaign featuring the latter’s interracial family.

Asked whether de Blasio was running a campaign based on “class-warfare,” highlighting economic inequality under Bloomberg, the latter replied, “Class-warfare and racist. I mean he’s making an appeal using his family to gain support.” De Blasio is married to a black woman and has two interracial children.

“I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone watching what he’s been doing. I do not think he himself is racist. It’s comparable to me pointing out I’m Jewish in attracting the Jewish vote.”

Bloomberg himself has come under fire over audio that has surfaced from a speech he gave at the Aspen Institute in 2015. In his remarks to the mostly white gathering, Bloomberg defended “stop-and-frisk” in terms being denounced as racially-charged.

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