Ellison Claims ‘We Enforce COVID Restrictions Fairly’

Ellison Claims ‘We Enforce COVID Restrictions Fairly’

October 31, 2020

Friday on CNN’s Cuomo Primetime, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison defended enforcing coronavirus restrictions on a Trump rally in the state by saying the state has done the best it can to enforce restrictions and they “just got overwhelmed at certain points” during the height of the protests over George Floyd’s death, but they enforce the restrictions fairly.

Blowhard host Chris Cuomo asked, “The common argument by the president is, boy, you know, they bust down on our events, but they don’t bust down on those protests. That goes for your state of Minnesota. Is that a fair criticism, that you let people protest without masks, but then you bust down on the rallies?”

“No, that’s not a fair criticism,” Ellison replied. “I mean, it’s like if somebody is speeding down the street, and the police don’t see him, and then the person the officer does catch, says, I’m giving you a ticket, and then the guy says, well, you didn’t get that other guy.”

That’s his analogy? That hordes of looters and violent rioters are like a speeder that cops don’t notice?

We have enforced the COVID restrictions as well as we can. Back when — at the height of the public responses to George Floyd, we just got overwhelmed at certain points. But to the degree that we can enforce them, we do, and we do it in an evenhanded way. And I can assure you of that, and assure all Minnesotans of that.”

Americans know better. We know that Democrat leaders all across the country are giving Black Lives Matter and Antifa a pass when it comes to enforcing the law, but Trump rallies are condemned as dangerous “super-spreaders.”

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