Dyson: McConnell is Proof USA’s ‘Real Religion’ is ‘Whiteness’

Dyson: McConnell is Proof USA’s ‘Real Religion’ is ‘Whiteness’

December 7, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, race-mongering Vanderbilt University blowhard Michael Eric Dyson told propagandist host Joy Reid that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is proof that America’s “real religion” is “whiteness.”

“I talk about in [my] book fast terror and slow terror,” Dyson said. “Fast terror is when bombs drop and they lynch black people, when they hurt us very explicitly, by the police, who hurt and harm and kill us. Slow terror is kicking kids out of school, denying them the opportunity to be fed both mentally and physically.”

“If Donald Trump is a fast terrorist, is a fast racist, then Mitch McConnell is taking a slower train toward racial revulsion,” Dyson continued. So Trump is dropping bombs on and lynching black people? He’s using the police to kill blacks? Labeling Trump a “fast terrorist” is utterly absurd. But who needs facts when your method is racial demagoguery? And what is “racial revulsion”?

“[McConnell] is enacting some of the worst practices we have seen in the history of this nation in regard to a senator blocking the coming to fruition of legislation that could relieve the hurt and suffering of Black people. And to proudly stand up and say that he wanted to make Obama a one-term president — this shows us that the real religion in America is whiteness. The real politics in Mitch McConnell’s orbit are whiteness, the worship of whiteness at the altar of whiteness, genuflecting before the god of whiteness.”

So opposing the re-election of radical progressive Obama is racist? This is the most easily discredited tactic of race-mongering: claiming that opposition to a black politician is necessarily racist.

“Therefore Donald Trump is the product of a womb that has generated this disfigured person in terms of politics,” Dyson continued to blather, “but Mitch McConnell is part of the womb. Mitch McConnell, he gives life and breath to the very denunciation of blackness that Trump has been so vehemently denounced for.”

What? This man is a university professor, and he can’t even articulate an argument. This kind of idiocy is expected from MSNBC, but what an embarrassment for Vanderbilt.

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