De Blasio: Trump Denouncing NYC’s BLM Mural ‘Pure Racism’

De Blasio: Trump Denouncing NYC’s BLM Mural ‘Pure Racism’

July 11, 2020

Thursday on CNN’s Situation Room, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said President Trump’s criticism of the city’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) mural outside Trump Tower in Manhattan was “pure racism.”

“Here was an opportunity for the President of the United States to show respect for the fact that this is what we value here,” said NYC’s virtue-signaling disaster of a mayor. “What did he do? He literally tweeted that writing Black Lives Matter on Fifth Avenue would ‘denigrate’ the luxury of that avenue. That is pure racism. That is acting like the value of black people is somehow belittling, when, in fact, what we’re trying to do is lift up people who have built the city and built America and haven’t been given their respect.”

He added, “The President, rather than having a chance to acknowledge America’s original sin, he literally made it worse by suggesting that honoring black people on Fifth Avenue would somehow make it less valuable or luxurious… People are outraged by that.”

No, Americans are outraged by white liberal guilt and leaders kowtowing to BLM’s racial extortion racket.

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