De Blasio: Cuomo Is ‘Literally in the Way of Us Saving Lives

De Blasio: Cuomo Is ‘Literally in the Way of Us Saving Lives

March 15, 2021

Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Gov. Andrew Cuomo was “in the way of us saving lives” because being embroiled in multiple sexual misconduct allegations is distracting Cuomo from the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked if Cuomo will resign, De Blasio told the host, “I think he’ll try to hold out, Margaret. I think he is used to getting things his way, and it’s been almost an imperial governorship. But I gotta tell you, the folks in this state and political leadership don’t believe in him anymore. He doesn’t have any credibility.

“So I think an impeachment proceeding will begin,” De Blasio continued. “And I think he will be impeached, and perhaps right before that, he’ll decide to resign. That’s probably the most likely outcome right now, but I got to tell you something. He should resign right now because he’s holding up our effort to fight COVID. He’s literally in the way of us saving lives right now. He just needs to resign so we can actually turn the page…

“We got to put the past behind us. Andrew Cuomo can’t lead us into the future,” the Mayor added. “We’ve got the people of the state ready to reopen, but we need to get him out of the way to do it.”

Democrats like de Blasio who have decided to throw Cuomo under the bus are using the sex harassment allegations as a cover. They don’t want to talk about the scandal of Cuomo’s lethal incompetence in handling the coronavirus and his attempted coverup of the many thousands of patient deaths in nursing homes for which he and other Democrat governors are directly responsible.

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