De Blasio: Bloomberg ‘Epitomizes the Status Quo’

De Blasio: Bloomberg ‘Epitomizes the Status Quo’

November 12, 2019

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed his predecessor Michael Bloomberg, who is contemplating a 2020 run for the presidency, arguing that the Democrat Party should not nominate “a billionaire who epitomizes the status quo.”

“When he was mayor he had no understanding of the inequality crisis. I think he was absolutely tone deaf to what working people are going through in this city,” de Blasio told reporters on Monday.

“Would he be better than Donald Trump? Of course. Should he be the Democratic nominee? No,” he added. “This is a Democratic Party today that’s getting more progressive, that wants to address the concerns of working people, that does not accept the status quo.”

“There’s no way in the world we should nominate a billionaire who epitomizes the status quo,” said the millionaire de Blasio, who ended his own presidential bid in September. “I can certainly prefer him over Donald Trump. But does he represent today’s Democratic Party? Of course not, not even close.”

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