Cuomo: Trump is the ‘Worst President We Have Ever Seen’

Cuomo: Trump is the ‘Worst President We Have Ever Seen’

December 25, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, Trump-deranged blowhard Chris Cuomo declared that President Trump is “the worst president we have ever seen.”

Cuomo began his rant by complaining about Trump’s list of pardons, what Cuomo laughably labeled “the most toxic tally of pardons we have ever seen. The 26 new Trump pardons tonight, gifts to many convicted criminals that you know well who did horrible things.”

Horrible things? Trump pardoned men who had been unjustly swept up in the Democrats’ sham investigation of Russian election collusion, a three-year smear-and-destroy effort which turned up absolutely zero collusion. Horrible things? Former President Barack Obama pardoned or commuted the sentences of nearly 2000 people during his tenure (50 times the number Trump has so far) — among them people who did actual horrible things, like Oscar López Rivera of the terror group FALN. But Cuomo and his fellow Democrats love terrorists, so they never complained about Obama’s pardons.

Cuomo continued, “You all now know, just based on the last 24 hours alone, this guy is the worst ever. He is the worst president we have ever seen, period. He has not only proven to be incompetent, but he is indeed truly inhumane. He has denied the hungry. He has denied our warriors. He has denied a pandemic, and he does not give a damn about anything but lying about it all and faking his own greatness. That is the truth.”

Fact check: this is not the truth. CNN doesn’t traffic in the truth. Cuomo doesn’t deal in truth. CNN and Cuomo are not journalists — they are propagandists and openly-partisan Progressive activists. We know it, they know it, and unlike other presidents, Trump has never pretended otherwise, which is why CNN and Cuomo and the rest of the mainstream media despise him and direct such unhinged vitriol at him.

Cuomo went on to call Trump “the political equivalent of a virus to make the system sick.” In fact, the system was already sick and Trump shook it up, exposing just how deep the Deep State sickness runs. That’s another reason why Cuomo and his media ilk hate Trump, and why American patriots love him.

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