Cuomo: Trump Fomenting the Hate Behind Hanukkah Attack

Cuomo: Trump Fomenting the Hate Behind Hanukkah Attack

December 30, 2019

Sunday on MSNBC’s Live, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo joined Mayor Bill de Blasio in blaming the weekend’s synagogue stabbing attack on President Trump.

“We tend to treat these situations as isolated episodes, but really if we just connect the dots, we have a pattern of hate in this nation that is only getting worse. We’ve seen almost weekly attacks on people based on race, color, creed. It’s hate-motivated,” Cuomo said.

“It starts at the top, and then it goes on to a point where it becomes viral across this nation… And we’re comforted treated it as isolated episodes, but there’s a pattern to all of this, and it spells hate.” With stunning , Cuomo went on to claim that Trump has “fomented” hate across the country “by demonizing Democrats. Democrats are evil, Democrats are bad, Democrats have lost their mind, they’re anti-American.”

Democrats don’t care about the real perpetrators of violence against Jews nor the anti-Semitism in their own Party. Their only interest is in exploiting Jewish victims to attack President Trump.

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