Cuomo Threatens Retribution Against Trump Supporters

Cuomo Threatens Retribution Against Trump Supporters

November 14, 2020

CNN host Chris Cuomo issued a series of threats on Wednesday to Republicans who are supporting the fight for ballot integrity in the 2020 election, according to Breitbart News.

“Trump and his campaign team say they have been putting together evidence to back their claims of systemic election fraud, and are doing so legally with affidavits that will be included in lawsuits,” writes John Nolte. “There is nothing bizarre or outrageous about any of this. In fact, going to court to make your case is as American and democratic as it gets. Legally contesting an election is as American and democratic as it gets. Our system is working exactly as it should and hopefully, when this is all sussed out, Trump supporters like myself will be able to live with the results, even if former Vice President Joe Biden does end up winning…

“The far-left Cuomo, of course — a bully, a proven liar, and fascist — is seething over the very idea of a democratic system working the way it’s supposed to. Like someone out on the edge after too much steroid use, he’s freaking out and lashing out and making lists and making threats and promising revenge and retribution against those legally contesting a disputed election.”

“Why do you think Trump is ousting Pentagon leadership and loading up with loyalists?”  “Maybe it’s for troop withdrawal. Maybe it’s to get Russian information released. And maybe it is because he is twisted enough to try to do something way worse.

“Remember who said nothing. Remember their shame…” the blowhard Cuomo said on his CNN show. “Again, this goes way beyond Trump. Trump is toxic, surprise. However, the real surprise is the blame that must be put on those who ignore and, therefore, empower. And those who say, this should just run its course. Running its course means transition, and they know it. I’m telling you. Remember the people who are enabling this fraud. They must answer for defending Trump’s delusions… And let them know they are going to lose way more than this election,” he threatened.

“What exactly does Fredo mean by that?” Nolte asked, referring to him by the nickname Cuomo gets triggered by. “What are they going to lose after CNNLOL and Fredo add them to their blacklists…? Their lives? Their livelihoods? Their children? Their homes? Their reputations? Their jobs? Their Twitter accounts? The good opinion of McCarthyites like Chris Cuomo?

“Open threats of McCarthyite blacklists are now the norm over at CNNLOL,” Nolte concludes.

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