Cuomo on Biden’s Call for Unity: Never ‘Forget How We Got Here’

Cuomo on Biden’s Call for Unity: Never ‘Forget How We Got Here’

November 9, 2020

Saturday on CNN following Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ addresses to the nation, blowhard host Chris Cuomo rejected Biden’s pledge to “unite us here at home,” warning that we could “return to the same place very quickly,” meaning that President Trump could run again.

“This is a time where [sic] people must be remembered for what they did, what they said, what they did not do, and what they failed to say. Even tonight on our own air, people who were given all these pats on the back in the last couple of days for being a fair broker, even though they come from the right, still explaining away Donald Trump’s position towards our democracy as, ‘Well, that’s the way he is…’

“And people have to remember how people acted during this time, what they said in the media, in the GOP, and yes, in the Democratic Party as well. And you should never forget how we got here because we can return to the same place very quickly. in fact, Donald Trump could run again…”

Trump likely won’t have to run again, because widespread Democrat voter fraud is being exposed and the courts eventually will settle the election chaos by declaring Trump the rightful winner. But if Biden does manage to take the White House, Trump certainly will run again and in 2024 American patriots won’t, to paraphrase Cuomo, forget how we got to that place.

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