Cruz to CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Donald Trump Broke You Guys’

Cruz to CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Donald Trump Broke You Guys’

October 2, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, Sen. Ted Cruz went head-to-head for 20 minutes with blowhard host Chris Cuomo on topics such as COVID-19, allegations of racism aimed at President Trump, economic issues and the Trump’s Supreme Court appointment. During the exchange, Cruz noted correctly that “Donald Trump broke you guys” in the media.

After a back-and-forth that quickly became contentious, Cruz slammed Cuomo over Trump: “Chris, there was a time when CNN actually cared about being journalistic and talking about facts. Donald Trump broke you guys. I mean you’re just, your entire show, your entire network now is just how much you hate Trump.

Cuomo tried to deny it, but Cruz went on to talk about the coronavirus pandemic. “We have had an enormous economic impact from this pandemic. We need to restart the economy. And I think the President and Joe Biden have very different visions. Joe Biden’s policies, I think, don’t work and hurt a whole lot of people. And when I’m back in Texas, people in Texas don’t understand why the press is just like the only thing you talk about is how much you hate the President.”

Cuomo again tried to deny it, but Cruz added, “I get that the President’s not your friend, fine.”

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