CODEPINK Opposes Trump Admin’s Israel-UAE Peace Deal

CODEPINK Opposes Trump Admin’s Israel-UAE Peace Deal

August 13, 2020

The purported peace group CODEPINK issued a statement opposing the new Israel-United Arab Emirates (UAE) peace deal announced by President Trump on Thursday, claiming it hurt “Palestinians.”

“We are not fooled by this fake diplomacy, which is nothing more than a way to maintain Israel’s status quo of land theft, home demolitions, arbitrary extrajudicial killings, apartheid laws, and other abuses of Palestinian rights…” said CODEPINK national co-director Ariel Gold. “By normalizing relations with Israel without any gains for Palestinians, the UAE is pledging complicity with Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.”

“The ‘historic deal’ with the UAE and Israel does not move the Middle East any closer to peace,” said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin. “On the contrary. It strengthens the Israel-US-Gulf alliance against Iran, which will further inflame tensions and cause more death and suffering, while maintaining Israel’s status quo of occupation and apartheid.”

CODEPINK is not a peace group. It’s a Marxist group that always sides with America’s enemies — in this case, Iran and the “Palestinian” terrorist leadership.

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