CNN’s Cuomo: Trump’s COVID Advice is ‘Violating’ Our Kids

CNN’s Cuomo: Trump’s COVID Advice is ‘Violating’ Our Kids

August 6, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, quarantine violater Chris Cuomo said President Trump’s claim in a Fox & Friends interview that children are “almost immune” to coronavirus is “violating our kids.”

“I know for a fact he knows not to say what he’s saying to you right there. And with our kids,” angry blowhard Cuomo said. “Children have died from this virus. Do they usually? No. Do they die the way adults do? No, but that’s not the point.” That is the point. Trump didn’t say they were immune.

“Why would he lie to you about it?” Cuomo blathered. “Why would he put you in the position to expose your kid that way? How can we deal with a president who lies so much?… What our president is putting out about children is so violative of their decency standard [Facebook & Twitter] pulled it… They can’t even live up to the social media standards. How is he able to live up to the standard that we demand right now? He violated their standards. He’s violating us, especially our kids.”

Speaking of standards, Cuomo and CNN have no journalistic standards except Trump-smearing.

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