CNNs Cuomo: Trump Doing ‘Happy Dance’ Over 215K Dead

CNNs Cuomo: Trump Doing ‘Happy Dance’ Over 215K Dead

October 15, 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, blowhard anchor Chris Cuomo claimed President Trump was doing a “happy dance” at his campaign rally while 215,000 Americans had died due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said he wants to go into the crowd and give everyone a kiss. Remember ‘The Godfather’? It’s a kiss, all right — it’s il bacio della morte, the kiss of all kisses, the kiss of death,” the unhinged Cuomo ranted. You want to kiss people right after catching COVID when not wearing masks in close quarters is making us sick. It’s killing us. His reaction, ‘I want to kiss all of you as I dance the night away.’”

After playing a clip of Trump dancing at his rally last night, the angry Cuomo continued, “Look at him, ‘YMCA.’ Is he dancing, or is that some of the long haul COVID symptoms I haven’t heard of yet? Is he alright? He is OK, 215,000 dead, he’s doing his whatever happy dance, masquerading as if you don’t need a mask. Not once has had he done a moment of silence for all those who have been lost all those families at any of his rallies. But soon enough, he’s going to be the one doing the talking. The fight is going to end soon, and he’ll listen to your decision because ultimately you are the judge.”

Cuomo is not a journalist or political commentator of any insight. He is a Trump-deranged propagandist with anger management issues.

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