CNN’s Cuomo Takes a Jab at Ted Cruz, Gets Burned

CNN’s Cuomo Takes a Jab at Ted Cruz, Gets Burned

July 23, 2020

CNN blowhard Chris Cuomo dared Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday to give him an interview to explain a comment about unemployment, and Cruz fired back that he already had given CNN an earlier interview but the network aired only a few seconds of it.

Cruz had stated recently, “We are paying a whole lot of people a lot more money to stay home and not work than they made on their jobs — and that is terrible.”

Host Cuomo subsequently challenged Cruz on Twitter to come on his show: “Come on @CuomoPrimeTime and make the case @SenTedCruz. First question: show me the numbers, please?” He added the taunting hashtag, “#doyourjob.”

Cruz shot back, “Chris, the clip you forwarded from The Hill is from a CNN EXCLUSIVE yesterday…that y’all largely refused to air. I gave @cnn a nearly 7 min interview & you ran 15 sec on TV. When you air the interviews you already have, then maybe we can discuss new ones.” He then put a nail in Cuomo’s coffin with the hashtags, “#FakeNews #doyourjob.”

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