Cuomo Blasts College Students For Siding With Hamas Terrorists

Cuomo Blasts College Students For Siding With Hamas Terrorists

October 26, 2023

The Daily Wire reports that News Nation host Chris Cuomo slammed college kids on Tuesday night siding with the Palestinian terrorists who attacked Israel three weeks ago, saying that if there had been this kind of reaction on college campuses after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, things would have quickly gotten violent.

“America was asked by those in the region to exercise restraint after 9/11,” Cuomo said. “Do you remember that? If you’re under 30-something, you probably don’t. Google it. College campuses weren’t calling for a ceasefire the same way then. And America likely would have ignored it.”

“Or, I’ll tell you really the truth, and I don’t like to say this, if these college kids had been mouthing off about ‘we got what we deserved’ the way they’re saying about Israel right now, this would have been a very violent time in this country,” he continued. “And thank God it didn’t happen then and I hope it doesn’t happen.”

Cuomo said that regardless of whether people agreed with the war in Iraq after 9/11, the country never would have tolerated support for the terrorist groups that were responsible.

“And if you think the country would have tolerated support for al-Qaeda’s actions, as we’re hearing now, it would have been bedlam,” he said. “Again, I’ve seen a lot of acts of terror. I’ve seen a lot of brutality, I’ve seen a lot of death. I’ve seen a lot of heads and things chopped off and burned and all the different things that you see in movies. I’ve never seen a group, celebrate and enjoy what I saw with my own eyes that I hope you get to see as well.”

“And the fact that it’s being ignored here by so many, or rationalized by so many, is unbelievable to me, especially younger people,” he concluded. “I guess you’re too young to remember what 9/11 meant for the next 10 years of our lives.”

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