Chris Cuomo: Biden Literally Flew Over Ohio Town With Toxic Spill

Chris Cuomo: Biden Literally Flew Over Ohio Town With Toxic Spill

September 28, 2023

Tuesday on NewsNation’s Cuomo, irrelevant anchor Chris Cuomo criticized President Biden for “literally” flying over East Palestine, Ohio instead of stopping to address the aftermath of the hazardous chemical spill caused by the derailment of a Norfolk Southern train eight months ago.

Cuomo said, “The President had signed an executive order that directs certain resources, but he has an emergency declaration on his desk. The governor here, DeWine still wants the emergency declaration.”

He continued, “Now all these people play politics. They told Biden not to come, Listen, save it for situations that we’re making up so that we can have artificial divisions. This is a real problem.”

Cuomo added, “There’s an emergency declaration. should be offering reasons that he’s acting or that he’s not acting. Okay, that’s something that could be done. The president literally flew over this place on his way to Detroit. I’m not saying it was wrong to go to Detroit. I’m saying he could have come here. He chose not to, to go to San Francisco to raise money. I get the realities of politics. Believe me, I grew up in it. But if you want people to know that you’re the president of everybody in this country, it shouldn’t matter if you think you’re gonna get their vote. What you should be getting is their trust.”

That’s what the media should be earning, too: the public’s trust. But Cuomo and his progressive ilk have destroyed that.

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