Castro: Impeach ‘Sexual Predator’ Kavanaugh

Castro: Impeach ‘Sexual Predator’ Kavanaugh

September 16, 2019

Sunday on MSNBC’s AMJoy, White House candidate Julián Castro called for the impeachment of  Brett Kavanaugh over a new allegation of sexual assault.

“What’s happening right now with Donald Trump and what he’s doing and the presidency and what’s happening with this Kavanaugh process is that they’re completely undermining our democratic process and necessity to go by what is truthful and honest especially when you are talking about somebody that’s sitting on the highest court in the land, that’s supposed to be the ultimate arbiter of what is right and just,” Castro said.

“What’s become clear is that he should be impeached. The House has the ability to impeach him. The question is what the Senate would do,” Castro continued.

Asked by host Joy Reid if he believed the Supreme Court Justice “is essentially a sexual predator or he was at some point,” Castro replied, “Yeah, I believe that he engaged in the conduct that was described.” In fact, the purported victim of the latest allegation is reportedly denying that any incident even occurred.

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