Brennan: ‘Now We Have Adults in the White House’

Brennan: ‘Now We Have Adults in the White House’

March 4, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, Deep State traitor and former CIA Director John Brennan said he believed the new presidential administration will properly address the threat of domestic extremists because “now we have adults in the White House.”

Propagandist anchor Joy Reid asked Brennan, “What should we be worried about?… What is keeping you up at night?”

Brennan replied, “Well, I think there could be any number of flashpoints that could motivate these individuals to take violence into their own hands once again. But what gives me a sense of optimism here is that we now have a White House that is focused on this issue. We have competent people in charge.”

The notion that the corrupt, mentally-challenged puppet of the ChiCom regime Joe Biden and his administration are competent at anything but ruining America’s economy, embracing America’s enemies, and dismantling American exceptionalism is laughable.

Brennan continued, “One of the things I still don’t know: whether or not there was any discussions and meetings that the White House had prior to the January 6 event because it was quite clear that all these various groups were going to be descending upon Washington. When I was President Obama’s Homeland Security Adviser, I’d be talking to the director of the FBI. I’d be talking to the director of Homeland Security, Capitol Police, to make sure that all of the preparations were in place. I don’t believe that the White House did any of that in advance of January 6.”

He added, “Now we have adults in the White House, and I think they’re going to take this seriously as well they should.”

By “adults,” Brennan actually means Progressive subversives like himself.

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