Brennan: GOP Should Invoke 25th Amend. to Remove Trump

Brennan: GOP Should Invoke 25th Amend. to Remove Trump

November 11, 2020

Monday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, Deep State Trump-hater and former CIA Director John Brennan said that if VP Mike Pence and Cabinet members “had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism,” they would invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump before Inauguration Day 2021.

“You can do a lot of damage in 70 days. He’s still the president of the United States. And is he going to carry out these vendettas against other individuals?” Brennan said, which is a curious concern because it is actually Brennan’s friends on the left who have openly threatened to carry out vendettas against Trump supporters if their empty-suit Trojan Horse Joe Biden takes the White House.

Asked by blowhard CNN anchor Chris Cuomo what could be done “to stop anything he wants to do in the next 70 days,” Brennan replied, “Well, if Vice President Pence and the cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and pushing Donald Trump out because he is just very unpredictable now. He’s like a cornered cat, tiger, and he’s going to lash out. And the fact again that he has the powers of the presidency in his hands is quite worrisome.”

This is ludicrous fear-mongering. If anyone is dangerously vindictive and a threat to national security, it is traitorous Deep State operatives like Brennan.

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