Brace Yourself For Kamala’s Most Cringeworthy Video Ever

Brace Yourself For Kamala’s Most Cringeworthy Video Ever

December 28, 2022

Stephen Green at PJ Media observes that “alleged Vice President Kamala Harris fakes sincerity about as well as… sorry, but metaphor fails me this once.” He went on to state, “Harris’s nervous cackle, her condescending repetition of buzzwords, and the blithe way she plays fast and loose with the facts — when she plays with them at all — reveal a politician who just doesn’t give a damn whether or not she seems sincere.”

She’s never had to, Green argued. “Harris is the product of San Francisco politics, where if you say the right things and make the right connections, you don’t have to be any good at actual politics. That’s how Kamala got to be one 80-year-old man’s missed heartbeat away from the most powerful office in the world.”

Kamala’s “Happy Kwanzaa” video with “First Gentleman” Doug Emhoff could be her most cringeworthy attempt at sincerity ever:

“The hilarity of all of this is of course the idea that Vice President Kamala Devi Harris ever celebrated Kwanzaa,” American Moment’s Saurabh Sharma tweeted on Monday. Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by serial abuser and “criminal Marxist” Ron Karenga, AKA Maulana Karenga.

Nevertheless, “Growing up Kwanzaa was a special time” for the epically incompetent VP, even though she was born in 1964 and Kwanzaa didn’t gain traction until the 1990s. Even today, Kwanzaa is celebrated by fewer than 2% of Americans.

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