Biden Compares Trump to Castro in Univision Florida Interview

Biden Compares Trump to Castro in Univision Florida Interview

September 17, 2020

During an interview with Univision Orlando on Tuesday, presidential nominee Joe Biden ludicrously stated that President Trump “has more in common” with late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro than with Winston Churchill.

Biden, desperately trying to win over Florida’s large anti-Castro Cuban-American population, was asked about Trump’s comment that a Biden-Kamala Harris administration would be a “trojan horse” for more radical elements of the Democrat Party. “Trump has more in common with Castro than with Churchill,” Biden claimed, adding falsely that Trump “admires Putin, he admires Xi, he admires everyone who behaves in an authoritarian way. I am the exact opposite. I have faith in the democratic system.”

Biden repeated this talking point later the same day during a televised interview with Noticias Telemundo: “I have supported my whole life the basic fundamental American values of decency, honor, fairness, giving people an opportunity… to work their way up. This president has done none of that. This president embraces dictators, he’s more like Castro than Churchill. He has no affinity whatsoever with what average Americans are worried about.”

As usual, the Democrats’ attacks on Trump are pure projection of their own lust for authoritarian control. The left idolized Fidel Castro and other socialist dictators like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Meanwhile, like Churchill, Trump is busy saving the West from leftist tyranny.

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