Manuel Valenzuela

Manuel Valenzuela


* Internet blogger and columnist
* Characterized the Iraq War as an example of American aggression and mass murder
* Likens Israel’s treatment of modern-day Palestinians to Nazi tactics of the 1930s

Born in Mexico City and now splitting his time between Spain and the United States, Manuel Valenzuela is an Internet columnist and the author of the novel Echoes in the Wind. He administers an Internet blogsite, Valenzuela’s Veritas, and he occasionally writes for the pro-Saddam Hussein website, Uruknet.

Valenzuela depicts the war on terror as a “fictional” creation of the U.S. government, one that aims to convince Americans that “there are enemies in our midst … intent on killing us.” Toward this end, he elaborates, the government is:

  • deviously fabricating “new Pearl Harbors leading to perpetual war and perpetual fear for perpetual profit, power and control”
  • embarking on “a century-long war on concocted dark skinned enemies from alien lands, conveniently scapegoated as America’s new bogeyman, conveniently living atop billions of barrels of petroleum, their lands strategic and vital for the aspirations of a delusional empire”
  • exploiting “the purposeful murder of [Americans] as the marketing ploy by which empire seekers unleash hell on Earth, resulting in untold death, suffering and ever-growing levels of hatred against American citizens”
  • using “America’s rural and urban poor” as “cannon fodder for their corporatist masters, dying not for freedom’s ring or democracy’s protection but for protecting pipelines, spigots and the ballooning profits of the military industrial energy complex.”

Valenzuela further asserts that:

  • “9/11 was designed, like the Reichstag fire in 1930s Nazi Germany,… as the first salvo in a war of propaganda and fear upon the American people”
  • 9/11 turned Americans into “crazed and hypnotized warmongers” who allowed “criminals and murderers in [their] government to invade, attack and occupy lands that had no reason for attack,” giving them “free reign to murder and pillage and rape and torture and destroy in our name”
  • the Twin Towers were brought down not by Islamic terrorists, but rather by the same American government “that has firebombed entire cities to rubble, killing hundreds of thousands in Germany and Japan … the only government to use nuclear weapons on foreign cities … the government that murdered 3 million Vietnamese and planted the seeds for Pol Pot to kill millions of Cambodians …”
  • “the Middle East has been invaded, colonized, raped, pillaged, oppressed and exploited … for decades” by “western … barbarians at the gates of Muslim cities,” barbarians possessed of “the messianic delusion to convert and civilize and control the Arab world”
  • the West “thinks itself the superior race” while relegating Middle Easterners to the status of “inferior, sub-human heathens”
  • the “western tradition” has been “one of continuous mass murder, repression, tyranny, oppression, exploitation, suffering and destruction, most aimed directly at … people not possessing the genetic mutation that turned skin color pale”
  • America’s “way of life” and “values” are an admixture of “greed,” “comfort,” and “gluttony”
  • the hallmarks of American “democracy and capitalism” are “the exploitation of the people of undeveloped nations and the market colonialism holding them hostage.”

Valenzuela praises Venezuela’s America-hating Communist President Hugo Chavez as someone who “has not sold out his nation, and his people, to the dictates of the [U.S.] Empire.”

According to Valenzuela, the Guantanamo Bay detention center, where the U.S. has held a few hundred prisoners captured by American troops on Middle Eastern battlefields, was created to subject “the dreaded dark skinned Arab or Muslim” to “torture and perpetual suffering and dehumanizing conditions and sadistic treatment and the destruction of habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights.” “The purpose of Guantanamo,” Valenzuela elaborates, “is not the imprisoning of terrorists … but the methodical evisceration of the Constitution.”

Valenzuela depicts Guantanamo as part of a much wider American “archipelago of gulags” that includes also “the Empire’s [civilian] prison system, a network of concentration camps holding over two million human beings,… most black or Latino or working class white … trapped in a vicious circle of indigence, unemployment, incarceration and oppression at the hands of the state.” These prisons, he says, are “cages of solitude and loneliness and madness and survival and violence,” where “American society discards itself of the unwanted, the undesirable, those not comporting to the mores of Puritanical code.” The inmates, he says, are mostly “those fated from birth to the lower echelons of society’s caste system,” those “millions tattooed with the shackles of American society’s perpetual enslavement, destined to forever live in ghettos … oppressed and subjugated by authorities, marginalized by society, discriminated against by the state.”

Valenzuela also detests America’s closest Mideast ally, Israel. He accuses the Jewish state of committing “malevolent crimes against [Palestinian] humanity”; “atrocities and dehumanization on an unparalleled scale”; “cold and calculated cruelty”; “state sponsored terrorism”; and “ethni[c] cleans[ing] by subjugation, dehumanization and cold and calculated suffering.” All this, he says, is “reminiscent of the Nazi treatment of Jews … during 1930’s Germany…. It reminds us of the extermination and subsequent incarceration of Native Americans by a fledgling U.S. government riding the coattails of Manifest Destiny.”

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