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Al Franken: Extended Profile
By Discover The Networks
July 2009

Send In the Clown
By Kathy Shaidle
January 9, 2009

Senator Al Franken's Positions on Key Issues
By OnTheIssues.org

Franken Reels After Thune Question on Senate Floor
By Newsmax.com
December 15, 2009

Is Al Franken Hiding from the Media?
By James Hirsen
October 7, 2009

Franken, a Clown for All Seasons, Arrives in Time
By Wesley Pruden
July 14, 2009

Al Franken’s First Act as Senator Is to Support a Bad Bill
By Claude Cartaginese
July 10, 2009

Al Franken On Immigration: The Bad and the Good (Yes, I Said "Good")
By Joe Guzzardi
July 10, 2009

Experts: Did ACORN Elect Al Franken?
By David A. Patten
July 6, 2009

The Sen. Al Franken Blue Ball
By Bob Tyrrell
July 2, 2009

Al Franken — Democrat from Acorn
By Investor's Business Daily
July 2, 2009

Al Franken (D-ACORN) Heads to the United States Senate
By Matthew Vadum
July 1, 2009

Franken Declared Winner
By Connie Hair
July 1, 2009

MoveOn Fights for Leftist Franken
By Matthew Vadum
May 5, 2009

Fighting Frankenstein
By Matthew Vadum
April 14, 2009

Panel Hands Franken Major Victory in Contest with Coleman
By David A. Patten
March 31, 2009

MN Court's Friday 13th Decision Might Haunt
By Amanda Carpenter
February 18, 2009

Al in a Box
By Nicole Russell
February 17, 2009

Minn. Judges Reject Al Franken's Complaint against Norm Coleman's Lawyers
By NewsMax.com
February 9, 2009

Al Franken Admits $50,000 Tax Debt
By Ronald Kessler
February 6, 2009

Franken Asks Minn. Court to Put Him in Senate Now
By Steve Karnowski
February 5, 2009

Bush v. Gore, meet Franken v. Coleman
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
February 2, 2009

Democrats May Seat Franken in Senate
By NewsMax.com
January 22, 2009

Why Norm Coleman Will Win
By Ron Carey
January 17, 2009

Pawlenty, Ritchie Nix Franken for Now
By Amanda Carpenter
January 13, 2009

Senate Not Looking Forward to 'Loose Cannon' Franken
By Chad Groening
January 13, 2009

Al Franken Denied Certificate to Take Senate Seat
By NewsMax.com
January 12, 2009

Franken's Funny Business
By Dick Morris & Eileen Mc Gann
January 8, 2009

The Dirty Joke from Minnesota
By Wesley Pruden
January 6, 2009

Coleman Promises Long Legal Battle
By Amanda Carpenter
January 5, 2009

One Plus One Equals 20 Extra Votes for Franken
By Ann Coulter
December 18, 2008

Franken's Electoral Frankenstein
By Paul M. Weyrich
December 18, 2008

Minnesota Ballots: Land of 10,000 Fakes
By Ann Coulter
December 10, 2008

The Cleanest State Meets the Pushiest Person
By Ann Coulter
December 4, 2008

Do as I Say...
By Peter Schweizer
April 26, 2006

Al Franken: a Lying Liar, a Coward and a Knave
By David Horowitz
February 21, 2005

Al Franken: Racist
By David Horowitz
November 30, 2004

Franken the Insufferable
By David Horowitz
November 22, 2004

Al Franken's Lies
By David Frum
November 4, 2003

A Final Defense of My Book's "Lies"
By Ann Coulter
October 8, 2003

Fox vs. Franken
By Lowell Ponte
August 14, 2003


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Franken's Visual Map

  • U.S. Senator representing Minnesota
  • Former comedy writer and performer with Saturday Night Live
  • Detests conservatives
  • His 2008 Senate election victory was marred by suspicions of voter fraud.

Alan Stuart Franken was born in May 1951 in New York City and was raised in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. In 1973 he graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He went on to become a writer (and an occasional performer) on the television comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 1975 to 1980 and again from 1985 to 1995. He also worked as a movie-script writer and made cameo appearances in several films, most notably Trading Places (1983) and The Manchurian Candidate (2004).

Describing himself as a "proud liberal," Franken detests conservatives and Republicans, whom he views as “racists.” At a black-tie dinner in Washington, DC, Franken approached George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove, whom he had never met before, and told him: "I'm Al Franken. I hate you, and you hate me."

Franken also commonly characterizes conservatives as "liars." At the Chicago book Expo in June 2003, for instance, he walked up to TV/radio host Bill O’Reilly and called him a liar. Not long after news of Rush Limbaugh’s addiction to the prescription drug OxyContin was made public that same year, Franken opined that the talk-show host lacked the honesty required to successfully complete a 12-step substance-abuse program.

Franken says that conservatives use “the media apparatus” to spread “filth, sleaze, and bile” throughout the United States. According to Franken, Republicans “hurt black people and help rich people, who tend, again generally, to be white.” The Republican Party, he elaborates, is the ideological dwelling place of “Southern bigots.”

Characterizing America at large as a racist nation, Franken depicts white employers as bigots with an aversion to hiring black workers. Over the course of his involvement in the television, radio, film, and book-publishing industries between 1975 and 2005, Franken himself was directly or indirectly responsible for the hiring of at least 112 people; only one was black.

Franken has authored five books, three of which reached the #1 position on the New York Times bestseller list. His most popular titles were Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations (1996); Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right (2003); and The Truth, with Jokes (2005), wherein he wrote: “Republicans are shameless d**ks. No, that’s not fair. Republican politicians are shameless d**ks.”

Franken has been a friend and adviser to Bill ClintonHillary Clinton, and Al Gore. On one occasion he stated that he was in "Bill Clinton's pocket," adding that he considered Clinton the greatest president of his lifetime.In April 2003, Franken, while serving as a fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, wrote fake letters on Harvard stationary to 29 high-profile advocates of abstinence-only sex education -- among them, Attorney General John Ashcroft and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice -- asking them to share their own personal “abstinence experiences” for an inspirational book for teens to be called Savin’ It! Franken’s targets saw through the ruse, however, and some complained to Harvard, leading Franken to issue a less-than-gracious apology.

In early 2004 Franken was hired to host a daily talk show on Air America Radio. On that program he regularly blasted President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for supposedly having authorized the prisoner-abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.  In 2005 Franken became a contributing blogger at the Huffington Post. He continued to host his radio program through February 14, 2007. In the last segment of the final show, he announced that he would be running for a United States Senate seat (representing Minnesota) against incumbent Republican Norm Coleman.

Once Franken became a candidate in 2007, critics and news reporters raised questions about financial scandals of his past. It was learned, for example, that from 2002 to 2005 Franken's corporation had failed to carry the required workers' compensation insurance for its employees in New York State, and that Franken had repeatedly ignored communications about the matter from New York officials. But now that he was seeking public office, Franken paid a $25,000 fine to New York State in an effort to put the issue to rest.

Then, in April 2008, after months spent dodging questions from critics and opponents about the state of his personal finances, Franken finally admitted that he owed approximately $70,000 in unpaid taxes in 17 states. Shortly thereafter, the Minnesota Workers' Compensation Board fined Franken’s corporation $25,000 for failing to pay three years' worth of workers' compensation dues.

Franken's 2008 Senate race against Coleman was hotly contested and extremely close. It was also marred by what journalist Matthew Vadum called "appalling irregularities that characterized both the initial and subsequent vote-counting." The morning after the election, Coleman led Franken by 725 votes. But Franken refused to concede, and the thin margin triggered an automatic recount. As ACORN-aligned Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (who had won his own office with the help of funding from the Secretary of State Project) presided over the recount process, Coleman's lead gradually vanished due to a host of mysterious, newly discovered votes that almost invariably benefited Franken. A detailed account of these developments can found here. By the time the recount (and a court challenge by Coleman) had ended in April 2009, Franken held a 312-vote lead.

On June 30, 2009, after the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously rejected his lawsuit, Coleman officially conceded and Franken was declared the victor.

In 2010, the organization Minnesota Majority -- which favors "limited government, lower taxes, parental rights, free markets, protecting our borders and a strong national defense" -- issued the results of a study which found that at least 341 convicted felons (mostly in Minneapolis–St. Paul) had voted illegally in the Fraken-Coleman election.

On March 12, 2012, Frabken joined Tom Udall, Charles Schumer, and five other Democrat senators in writing a letter to IRS officials, urging the agency to give extra scrutiny to the activities of conservative “social welfare organizations” that were applying for tax-exempt status. The letter warned of “abuse of the tax code by political groups focused on federal election activities.” Fourteen months later, news broke that the IRS had been engaged in a massive scandal whereby it had delayed and derailed tax-exemption applications filed by hundreds of organizations with conservative indicators like “Tea Party,” “Patriots,” or “9/12” in their names.

In the summer of 2015, Franken supported the nuclear deal that the Obama administration negotiated with Iranan agreement allowing the terrorist regime in Tehran to inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism, and have a near-zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb. For additional details about the accord, click here.

Franken had previously received financial support from the Iran Lobby, i.e., the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC). His Franken Recount Fund had also picked up money from Hassan Nemazee, a former IAPAC trustee who had served as the national campaign finance director for Hillary Clinton's first presidential bid before he pled guilty to a fraud scheme encompassing hundreds of millions of dollars.

For an overview of Franken’s positions on various key issues, click here.

For a more in-depth look at Senator Franken's politics, agendas, and worldviews, see his Expanded Profile.



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