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The Visiting Jihadist
By Joe Kaufman
March 16, 2006

Not So Proud to Be Ibrahim Dremali?
By Militant Islam Monitor
February 22, 2008

Ibrahim Dremali Cancels Appearance at UCF Jihad Through Da'wa Event After Exposure of Terror Ties
By Militant Islam Monitor
March 17, 2006

UCF Refuses to Cancel Islamofacist Event
By Militant Islam Monitor
March 10, 2006

University of Central Florida Funding Islamist Da'wa Event
By Militant Islam Monitor
March 9, 2006


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Dremali's Visual Map


  • Radical Muslim cleric
  • Told participants at an anti-Israeli rally not be afraid to die for what they believe in, providing a rationale for suicide bombings


Ibrahim Dremali is the former Imam of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR) in Florida. Under his leadership, the Center, through its affiliation with the Health Resource Center of Palestine (HRCP), openly raised funds for the terrorist group Hamas. (Dremali’s wife Lamyaa Hashim was the head of HRCP, and his brother Ishaq served as the organization’s “Gaza coordinator.”

Also under Dremali's guidance, the ICBR organized a fundraising event that featured Khalid Smaili as a guest speaker. Smaili was president of KindHearts, a pseudo-charity which the U.S. government shut down in December 2001 because of its numerous ties to Islamic terrorism.

On another occasion Dremali’s ICBR invited Rafil Dhafir, who was affiliated with an unregistered Islamic charity calledHelp the Needy, to speak at a fundraising event. In February 2003 Dhafir and three others were charged with “conspiring to transfer funds to Iraq in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.”

Dremali was educated at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, which serves as the institutional headquarters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Azhar University is also notable because the school’s Grand Imam, Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, hasissued fatwas advocating violence against America.

Before coming to the U.S. in July 1996, Dremali fled Israel in direct violation of an Israeli Defense Force order instructing him not to leave Gaza. Since that time, he has been placed on a federal no-fly list.

In Miami in 2000, Dremali took part in a pro-Palestinian rally where he intoned his support for terrorists, telling the crowd “not to be sad for the martyrs, or be afraid to die for what they believed in.”

In October 2000, Dremali spoke at a rally where demonstrators burned Israeli flags and shouted such slogans as, “With jihad we’ll claim our land, Zionist blood will wet the sand.” Dremali told the crowd “not to be sad for those who were martyred, and to not be afraid to die for what [they] believe in” -- obvious allusions to suicide bombers.

Dremali is currently the Director of the Islamic Center of Greater Austin, the Director of the Arabic and Islamic Studies Department at Austin PeaceAcademy, and a professor at the American Open University. He also serves as an advisor to the American Muslim Association of North America.



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