Victims of the Left

Victims of the Left


This section of Discover The Networks examines how the campaigns of the left, under the banner of “social justice,” “equality,” and “compassion” have inflicted catastrophe in many forms — poverty, moral decline, criminality, violence, illness, and death — upon countless millions of people. The programs and policies that led to these disastrous outcomes were unfailingly promoted by the left — often presenting itself more appealingly as “liberalism” — as expressions of a high-minded idealism that promised to improve the living conditions of people in need.

* Decline of Democrat-Run Cities and States

* Black Americans As Victims of the Left

* How the Welfare State Has Devastated African Americans

* How the Government-Created Housing Crisis of 2008 Plundered the Wealth of Nonwhites

* How the Public Education System Has Failed Blacks & Hispanics

* Crime Against Blacks & Hispanics in Areas Controlled by the Left

* The Welfare State’s Cost to American Taxpayers

* How the Radical Gay Left Caused Hundreds of Thousands of Homosexuals to Die of AIDS

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