Tracking the Biden Presidency: 2024

Tracking the Biden Presidency: 2024


Biden’s Speech Depicts Trump As a Racist Tyrant

On January 5, 2024, Biden kicked off his presidential re-election campaign with a speech in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, near Valley Forge. Some notable excerpts:

“Whether democracy is still America’s sacred cause is the most urgent question of our time. And it’s what the 2024 election is all about. The choice is clear.

“Donald Trump’s campaign is about him, not America, not you. Donald Trump’s campaign is obsessed with the past, not the future. He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy, put himself in power.

“Our campaign is different. For me and Kamala, our campaign is about America. It’s about you. It’s about every age and background that occupy this country. It’s about the future we’re going to continue to build together. And our campaign is about preserving and strengthening our American democracy.

“Three years ago tomorrow, we saw with our own eyes the violent mob stormed the United States Capitol. It was almost in disbelief as you first turned on the television. For the first time in our history, insurrectionists had come to stop the peaceful transfer, transfer of power in America. First time. Smashing windows, shattering doors, attacking the police. Outside, gallows were erected as the MAGA crowd chanted, ‘Hang Mike Pence.’

“Inside, they hunted for Speaker Pelosi. The House was chanting as they marched through and smashed windows, ‘Where’s Nancy?’

“Over 140 police officers were injured. Jill and I attended the funeral of police officers who died as a result of the events of that day. Because Donald, because of Donald Trump’s lies, they died because these lies brought a mob to Washington. He promised it would be wild. And it was. He told the crowd to ‘fight like hell,’ and all hell was unleashed.

“He promised he would … be side by side with them. Then, as usual, he left the dirty work to others. He retreated to the White House. As America was attacked from within, Donald Trump watched on TV in a private, small dining room off my oval, off the Oval Office.

“The entire nation watched in horror. The whole world watched in disbelief. And Trump did nothing. Members of his staff, members of his family. Republican leaders who were under attack at that very moment pled with him. Act. Call off the mob. Imagine had he gone out and said, ‘Stop.’

“Still, Trump did nothing. It was among the worst derelictions of duty by a president in American history. An attempt to overturn a free and fair election by force and violence. A record 81 million people voted for my candidacy and to end his presidency.

“Trump lost the popular vote by 7 million. Trump’s claims about the 2020 election never could stand up in court. Trump lost 60 court cases. Sixty.

“Trump lost the Republican-controlled states. Trump lost before a Trump-appointed judge, and then judges, and Trump lost before the United States Supreme Court. All of it. He lost. Trump lost recount after recount after recount, and state after state.

“But in desperation and weakness, Trump and his MAGA followers went after election officials who ensured your power as a citizen would be heard.

“These public servants had their lives forever upended by attacks and death threats for simply doing their jobs.

“In Atlanta, Georgia, a brave Black mother and her daughter, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, were doing their jobs as election workers until Donald Trump and his MAGA followers targeted and threatened them, forcing them from their homes, unleashing racist vitriol on them.

“Trump’s personal lawyer. Rudy Giuliani, was just hit with a 148 million-dollar judgment for cruelty and defamation that he inflicted against them.

“Other state and local elected officials across the country faced similar personal attacks. In addition, Fox News agreed to pay a record eight, 787 million dollars for the lies they told about voter fraud.

“Let’s be clear about the 2020 election. Trump exhausted every legal avenue available to him to overturn the election. Every one, but the legal path just took Trump back to the truth, that I’d won the election and he was a loser.

“Well, so knowing how his mind works now, he had one, he had one act left. One desperate act available to him, the violence of January the sixth. Since that day, more than 1,200 people have been charged with assault in the Capitol. Nearly 900 of them have been convicted or pled guilty. Collectively to date, they have been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison.

“What’s Trump done? Instead of calling them criminals, he’s called these insurrectionists patriots. They’re patriots. And he promised to pardon them if he returns to office. Trump said that there was a lot of love on January the sixth.

“The rest of the nation, including law enforcement, saw a lot of hate and violence. One Capitol Police officer called it a medieval battle. That same officer called vile, was called vile, racist names. He said he was more afraid in the Capitol of the United States of America, in the chambers, than when he was fighting as a soldier in the war in Iraq. He said he was more afraid inside the halls of Congress than fighting in war in Iraq.

“In trying to rewrite the facts of January sixth, Trump was trying to steal history, the same way he tried to steal the election.

“But he, we knew the truth, because we saw it with our own eyes. So it wasn’t like something, a story being told. It was on television repeatedly. We saw it with our own eyes.

“Trump’s mob wasn’t a peaceful protest. It was a violent assault. They were insurrectionists, not patriots. They weren’t there to uphold the Constitution. They were there to destroy the Constitution.

“Trump won’t do what an American president must do. He refuses to denounce political violence. So hear me clearly. I’ll say what Donald Trump won’t. Political violence is never, ever acceptable in the United States political system. Never, never, never. It has no place in a democracy. None. You can’t be pro-insurrectionist and pro-American.

“You know, Trump and his MAGA supporters not only embrace political violence, but they laugh about it. At his rally, he jokes about an intruder, whipped by the big Trump lie, taking a hammer to Paul Pelosi’s skull, and echoing the very same words used on January 6th. ‘Where’s Nancy?’ And he thinks that’s funny. He laughed about it. What a sick … My God. I, I think it’s despicable. Seriously. Not just for a president, for any person to say that. But to say it to the whole world listening. When I was overseas, anyway …

“Trump’s assault on democracy isn’t just part of his past. It’s what he’s promising for the future. He’s been straightforward. He’s not hiding the ball. His first rally for the 2024 campaign opened with a choir of January sixth insurrectionists singing from prison on a cellphone while images of the January sixth riot played on the big screen behind him at his rally. Can you believe that? This is like something out of a fairy tale, a bad fairy tale. Trump began his 2024 campaign by glorifying the failed violent insurrectionist, insurrection at our, on our Capitol. The guy who claims law and order, sows lawlessness and disorder.

“Trump’s not concerned about your future. I promise you. Trump is now promising a full-scale campaign of revenge and retribution, his words, for some years to come. They were his words, not mine. He went on to say he’d be a dictator on day one.

“I mean, if I were writing a book of fiction, and I said an American president said that, and not in jest. He called and I quote, the terminate, quote, this is a quote, the termination of all the rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the U.S. Constitution should be terminated if it fits his will.

“It’s really kind of hard to believe. Even found in the Constitution, he could terminate.

“He’s threatened the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the death penalty. He says he should be put to death because the chairman put his oath to the Constitution ahead of his personal loyalty to Trump. This coming from a president who called, when he visited his cemetery, called dead soldiers ‘suckers and losers.’ Remember that? […]

“How dare he? Who in God’s name does he think he is? With former aides, Trump plans to invoke the Insurrectionist Act, Insurrection Act, which would allow him to deploy, he’s not allowed to do it in ordinary circumstances, allow him to deploy U.S. military forces on the streets of America. He said it.

“He calls those who opposed, oppose him vermin.

“He talks about the blood of America’s is being poisoned, echoing the same exact language used in Nazi Germany.

“He proudly posts on social media the words that best describe his 2024 campaign. Quote, revenge, quote, power, and quote, dictatorship.

“There’s no confusion about who Trump is, what he intends to do. […]

“And now these MAGA voices, who know the truth about Trump on January sixth, have abandoned the truth and abandoned the democracy. They made their choice.

“Now, the rest of us, Democrats, independents, mainstream Republicans, we have to make our choice. […]

“Today, I make this sacred pledge to you: The defense, protection and preservation of American democracy will remain, as it has been, the central cause of my presidency.

“America, as we begin this election year, we must be clear: Democracy is on the ballot. Your freedom is on the ballot. […] Democracy means having the freedom to speak your mind, to be who you are, to be who you want to be. Democracy is about being able to bring about peaceful change. […]

“Look at the authoritarian leaders and dictators Trump says he admires. He out loud says he admires. I won’t go through them all. It would take too long. Look, remember how he first, how he refers to what he calls love letter exchanges between he and the dictator of North Korea?

“Those women and men out there in the audience who’s ever fought for an American military. Did you ever believe you’d hear a president say something like that? His admiration for Putin? […]

“Every stride forward in America is met with ferocious backlash, many times, from those who fear progress and those who exploit that fear for their own personal gain. From those who traffic in lies, told for power and profit. For those who are driven by grievance and grift, consumed by conspiracy and victimhood. From those who seek to bury history and ban books. Did you ever think you’d be at a political event and talk about book banning, for a presidential and a presidential election? […]

“All-out war is what Trump wants. That’s why he doesn’t understand the most fundamental truth about this country. Unlike other nations on Earth, America is not built on ethnicity, religion, geography. We’re the only nation in the history of the world built on an idea, not hyperbole, built on an idea. […]

“America saw the threat posed to the country and they voted them out in 2022. Historic midterm election. In state after state, election after election, the election deniers were defeated.

“Now, in 2024, Trump is running as the denier-in-chief, the election denier-in-chief. Once again, he’s saying he won’t honor the results of the election if he loses. Trump says he doesn’t understand, or he still doesn’t understand the basic truth. That is, you can’t love your country only when you win. You can’t love your country only when you win.

“I’ll keep my commitment to be president for all of America. Whether you voted for me or not, I’ve done it for the last three years and I’ll continue to do it. […]”

Blinken Scolds Israel & Urges It Not to “Dehumanize” Palestinians

On February 7, 2024, Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a press conference in Tel Aviv where he addressed the ongoing Israel-Hamas military conflict that had erupted in response to the October 7, 2023 Hamas terror attacks against the Jewish state. In the course of his remarks, Blinken: (a) exhorted Israel to engage in diplomatic negotiations with the Palestinians; (b) urged Israel to increase its provision of humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians in Gaza; (c) reminded Israel that it did not have “a license to dehumanize others,” and that “the overwhelming majority of people in Gaza had nothing to do with the attacks of October 7th”; (d) called for the pursuit of “a concrete, time-bound, irreversible path to a Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel”; (e) emphasized that President Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority should follow through on the implementation of “reforms” that they had “committed to make in a recently announced reform package”; and (f) voiced his “profound concerns about actions and rhetoric” from Israeli “government officials” that he claimed would only “inflame tensions” in the region. Some additional noteworthy excerpts from Blinken’s remarks:

  • “We had an opportunity today to discuss with the Israeli Government the response that Hamas sent last night to the proposal that the United States, Qatar, and Egypt had put together to bring the remaining hostages home, and extend the humanitarian pause. What I can tell you about these discussions is that while there are some clear nonstarters in Hamas’s response, we do think it creates space for agreement to be reached. And we will work at that relentlessly until we get there.”
  • “We also discussed the imperative of maximizing civilian protection and humanitarian aid to address the ongoing suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Nearly 2 million people have been displaced from their homes. Hundreds of thousands are experiencing acute hunger. Most have lost someone that they love. And day after day, more people are killed.”
  • “On all of my previous visits here and pretty much every day in between, we have pressed Israel in concrete ways to strengthen civilian protection, to get more assistance to those who need it. And over the past four months, Israel has taken important steps to do just that.”
  • “As the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, the United States has helped provide much of that assistance, including funding 90,000 metric tons of flour delivered from Ashdod Port. That’s enough to provide bread for 1.4 million people for the next five months. A UN team began its mission to the north to assess conditions for the civilians who are still there, as well as what needs to be done to allow displaced Palestinians to return back home to the north.”
  • “[A]s I said to the prime minister and to other Israeli officials today, the daily toll that its military operations continue to take on innocent civilians remains too high. In our discussions today, I highlighted some key steps that Israel should take to ensure that more aid reaches more people in Gaza. Israel should open Erez so that assistance can flow to northern Gaza where, as I said, hundreds of thousands of people are struggling to survive under dire conditions. It should expedite the flow of humanitarian assistance from Jordan. It should strengthen deconfliction and improve coordination with the humanitarian providers. And Israel must ensure that the delivery of life-saving assistance to Gaza is not blocked for any reason, by anyone.”
  • “Israelis were dehumanized in the most horrific way on October 7th. The hostages have been dehumanized every day since. But that cannot be a license to dehumanize others. The overwhelming majority of people in Gaza had nothing to do with the attacks of October 7th, and the families in Gaza whose survival depends on deliveries of aid from Israel are just like our families. They’re mothers and fathers, sons and daughters – want to earn a decent living, send their kids to school, have a normal life. That’s who they are; that’s what they want. And we cannot, we must not lose sight of that. We cannot, we must not lose sight of our common humanity.”
  • “We remain determined as well to pursue a diplomatic path to a just and lasting peace, and security for all in the region, and notably for Israel. And that diplomatic path continues to come into ever sharper focus as I travel throughout the region and talk to all of our friends and partners. An Israel that’s fully integrated into the region, with normal relations with key countries, including Saudi Arabia, with firm guarantees for its security, alongside a concrete, time-bound, irreversible path to a Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel, with the necessary security assurances.”
  • “Over the course of this trip, we discussed both the substance and sequence of steps that all would need to take to make this path [to a Palestinian state] real. That includes steps by the Palestinian Authority to reform and revitalize itself. And I reaffirmed the imperative of those steps in my meeting today with President [Mahmoud] Abbas, chief among them improving governance, increasing accountability to the Palestinian people, reforms that the Palestinian Authority is committed to make in a recently announced reform package and that we urge it to implement swiftly.”
  • “[I]n my discussions today with the prime minister and senior officials, I also raised our profound concerns about actions and rhetoric, including from government officials, that inflame tensions, that undercut international support, and place greater strains on Israel’s security.”
  • “Israel has the responsibility, has the obligation to do everything possible to ensure that civilians are protected and that they get the assistance they need in the course of this conflict. Any military campaign, military operation that Israel undertakes needs to put civilians first and foremost in mind.”

Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program Now Poses “Extreme Danger” to the West

On February 5, 2024, Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon reported:

Iran has enough weapons-grade uranium to produce its first nuclear weapon within a week and a total of six bombs within a month, a scenario that is increasingly likely to unfold as conflict in the Middle East reaches critical levels, according to a report from a watchdog group.

“The volatile situation in the region is providing Iran with a unique opportunity and increased internal justification for building nuclear weapons while the United States and Israel’s resources to detect and deter Iran from succeeding are stretched thin,” the Institute for Science and International Security, a watchdog group that monitors Tehran’s atomic program, warned in a report published Monday [February 5]. “Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities are more dangerous than they have ever been, while its relations with the West are at a low point.”

The findings signal “extreme danger” for the international community and marks the “first time” the institute has issued such a determination since it began reporting on the Iranian nuclear program’s threat level in October 2022. In May 2023, when the last report was published, Iran’s total threat score was calculated at 140 out of 180. This year the score reached 151.

Hamas’s war against Israel, which is being supported by Iran, has significantly increased the likelihood that Tehran races to build a functional nuclear weapon, according to the report. The United States is now in its third day of airstrikes against Iranian targets across the Middle East, threatening to ignite a broader conflict with Iran that could consume the region and increase Tehran’s rush to become a nuclear-armed power.

The Islamic Republic continues to make “progress on developing sensitive nuclear capabilities, … increasing its nuclear weaponization efforts beyond breakout.”

Iran has the ability to “break out and produce enough weapon-grade enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in a week, using only a fraction of its 60 percent enriched uranium,” according to the report. “This breakout could be difficult for inspectors to detect promptly, if Iran took steps to delay inspectors’ access.”

Using its stock of 60 percent enriched uranium, which has grown under the Biden administration, and a remaining allotment of around 20 percent enriched uranium, Iran “could have in total enough weapon-grade uranium for six weapons in one month, and after five months of producing weapon-grade uranium, it could have enough for twelve.”

The problem is compounded by Iran’s refusal to give international nuclear inspectors full access to its contested enrichment sites. The level of obfuscation has increased during the past year.

Rafael Grossi, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s director general, warned in January that Tehran is refusing oversight in an “unprecedented way.” “It’s a very frustrating situation. We continue our activities there, but at a minimum,” Grossi said during the World Economic Forum in Davos. “They are restricting cooperation in a very unprecedented way.”

This “lack of transparency” led the institute to increase the threat level regarding Iran’s program by two points compared with May 2023.

Tehran has also greatly increased its ability to enrich uranium from very low levels to those needed as fuel for a nuclear bomb, according to the report.

“Iran has a capability to produce large amounts of enriched uranium and achieve enrichment levels up to 90 percent, or weapon-grade uranium,” the institute concluded, noting that “Iran has ambitious goals to increase its enrichment program, aiming for tens of thousands of advanced centrifuges, producing a range of enrichment levels, and tens of thousands of kilograms of enriched uranium.”

With this increasingly large stockpile, “Iran could rapidly produce enough weapon-grade uranium for a small nuclear arsenal,” the report concluded. “In addition, Iran has multiple ways to deliver nuclear weapons, including on ballistic missiles.”

Meanwhile, Iran announced on Monday that it is beginning construction on a fourth home-built nuclear reactor, signaling the regime’s desire to continue building out its atomic infrastructure.

Major Gaffes by Biden (Misidentifying Key World Leaders)

On February 8, 2024, reported:

DOJ Special Counsel Issues Damning Report on Biden’s Mishandling of Classified Documents

Below are numerous excerpts from various Daily Wire articles providing key details about Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report of February 5, 2024:

Daily Wire, 2-9-2024: The day began with a report, prepared by [Special Counsel Robert Hur of] Joe Biden’s own DOJ, that outlines Biden’s mental decline in excruciating detail. The topline conclusion … is that the commander-in-chief is so far gone — so detached from reality — that he can’t even be charged with a crime. He’s not legally responsible for his own conduct at this point…. Again, this is the conclusion of a special counsel working for Joe Biden’s own Justice Department. The special counsel determined, effectively, that the president of the United States is too mentally incompetent to be held responsible for his own actions. This is the first time in American history when a president’s own Department of Justice has declared him, essentially, unfit for office.

Daily Wire, 2-9-2024: [T]he special counsel investigating Biden’s handling of classified documents found: “In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden … did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended … and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began. … He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died. And his memory appeared hazy when describing the Afghanistan debate that was once so important to him. Among other things, he mistakenly said he ‘had a real difference’ of opinion with General Karl Eikenberry, when, in fact, Eikenberry was an ally whom Mr. Biden cited approvingly in his Thanksgiving memo to President Obama.”

Daily Wire, 2-9-2024: The memo continues: “We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory. Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt. It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him by then a former president well into his eighties of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness.”

Daily Wire, 2-9-2024: [A]ccording to the special counsel, as far back as more than a decade ago, Joe Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified documents with classification markings on them. That includes classified documents from his time in the Senate several decades ago. The documents were in his “garage, offices, and basement den,” in both Virginia and Delaware.

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: The report said that even though Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen,” prosecutors concluded that “no criminal charges are warranted in this matter.”

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: “Mr. Biden’s memory was significantly limited, both during his recorded interviews with the ghostwriter in 2017 [with whom he shared classified materials], and in his interview with our office in 2023,” the special counsel report said in its executive summary.

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: The interview with the ghostwriter … showed that even then, Biden was “struggling to remember events and straining at times to read and relay his own notebook entries,” the special counsel said, adding that even in 2017, he was showing signs of “diminished faculties and faulty memory.”

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: “In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden’s memory was worse,” Hur said. “He did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended (‘if it was 2013 – when did I stop being Vice President?’), and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began (‘in 2009, am I still Vice President?’).”

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: “Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen,” the report continued. “These materials included (1) marked classified documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, and (2) notebooks containing Mr. Biden’s handwritten entries about issues of national security and foreign policy implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods. FBI agents recovered these materials from the garage, offices, and basement den in Mr. Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home.”

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: The report said that marked classified documents about Afghanistan, which included classification markings up to the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information level, were found in Biden’s garage in Delaware. Notebooks containing classified information were discovered in the basement den of Biden’s Delaware home. Some of the classified documents that were found at the Biden Penn Center were intelligence assessments on Iran and were related to the Obama administration’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal. Classified documents were also found at the University of Delaware, where Biden was storing his records from his time in the U.S. Senate, that appear to be related to Europe and his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: The report argued that prosecutors did not believe the evidence was sufficient to charge to Biden because jurors would find reasonable doubt for potentially several reasons ranging from Biden’s “authority to keep classified documents in his home” to serious memory issues that the special counsel documented.

Special Counsel Report Shows That Biden Committed Serial Felonies by Violating the Espionage Act When He Mishandled Classified Documents

The relevant part of the Espionage Act, which Biden violated, reads as follows:

18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information:

“(e) Whoever having unauthorized possession of, access to, or control over any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, or note relating to the national defense, or information relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation, willfully communicates, delivers, transmits or causes to be communicated, delivered, or transmitted, or attempts to communicate, deliver, transmit or cause to be communicated, delivered, or transmitted the same to any person not entitled to receive it, or willfully retains the same and fails to deliver it to the officer or employee of the United States entitled to receive it.”

Key Excerpts from the DOJ Special Counsel Report:

Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen. These materials included (1) marked classified documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, and (2) notebooks containing Mr. Biden’s handwritten entries about issues of national security and foreign policy implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods. FBI agents recovered these materials from the garage, offices, and basement den in Mr. Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home.


Also, during his eight years as vice president, Mr. Biden regularly wrote notes by hand in notebooks. Some of these notes related to classified subjects, including the President’s Daily Brief and National Security Council meetings, and some of the notes are themselves classified. After the vice presidency, Mr. Biden kept these classified notebooks in unsecured and unauthorized spaces at his Virginia and Delaware homes and used some of the notebooks as reference material for his second memoir, Promise Me, Dad, which was published in 2017. To our knowledge, no one has identified any classified information published in Promise Me, Dad, but Mr. Biden shared information, including some classified information, from those notebooks with his ghostwriter. FBI agents recovered the notebooks from the office and basement den in Mr. Biden’s Delaware home in January 2023.


Marked classified documents about Afghanistan: These documents from fall 2009 have classification markings up to the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information level. They were found in a box in Mr. Biden’s Delaware garage that contained other materials of great personal significance to him and that he appears to have personally used and accessed. The marked classified documents were found along with drafts of the handwritten 2009 Thanksgiving memo Mr. Biden sent President Obama in a last-ditch effort to persuade him not to send additional troops to Afghanistan. These materials were proof of the stand Mr. Biden took in what he regarded as among the most important decisions of his vice presidency.

Mr. Biden wrote his 2007 and 2017 memoirs with the help of a ghostwriter. In a recorded conversation with his ghostwriter in February 2017, about a month after he left office, Mr. Biden said, while referencing his 2009 Thanksgiving memo, that he had “just found all the classified stuff downstairs.” At the time, he was renting a home in Virginia, where he met his ghostwriter to work on his second memoir. Downstairs from where they met was Mr. Biden’s office, where he stored his papers. He moved out of the Virginia home in 2019, consolidating his belongings in Delaware-where FBI agents later found marked classified documents about the Afghanistan troop surge in his garage.

Evidence supports the inference that when Mr. Eiden said in 2017 that he had “just found all the classified stuff downstairs” in Virginia, he was referring to the same marked classified documents about Afghanistan that FBI agents found in 2022 in his Delaware garage.


Notebooks containing classified information: FBI agents recovered from unlocked drawers in the office and basement den of Mr. Biden’s Delaware home a set of notebooks he used as vice president. Evidence shows that he knew the notebooks contained classified information. Mr. Biden wrote down obviously sensitive information discussed during intelligence briefings with President Obama and meetings in the White House Situation Room about matters of national security and military and foreign policy. And while reading his notebook entries aloud during meetings with his ghostwriter, Mr. Biden sometimes skipped over presumptively classified material and warned his ghostwriter the entries might be classified, but at least three times Mr. Biden read from classified entries aloud to his ghostwriter nearly verbatim.

Some evidence also suggests Mr. Biden knew he could not keep classified handwritten notes at home after leaving office. Mr. Biden, who had decades of experience with classified information, was deeply familiar with the measures taken to safeguard classified information and the need for those measures to prevent harm to national security. Asked about reports that former President Trump had kept classified documents at his own home, Mr. Biden wondered how “anyone could be that irresponsible” and voiced concern about “[w]hat data was in there that may compromise sources and methods.” While vice president, he kept his notebooks in a White House safe for a time, in contrast with his decision after leaving office to keep them at home in unlocked drawers.

When Mr. Biden left office, he also knew his staff decided to store notecards containing his classified notes in a Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the National Archives, and he knew his notebooks contained the same type of classified information. As he told his ghostwriter during a recorded interview, the same staff who arranged to secure his classified notecards “didn’t even know” he had retained possession of his classified notebooks. Twice in 2017, Mr. Biden visited the National Archives SCIF to review his classified notecards while writing his book. Yet he kept his notebooks, which also contained classified information, in unlocked drawers at home. He had strong motivations to do so and to ignore the rules for properly handling the classified information in his notebooks. He consulted the notebooks liberally during hours of discussions with his ghostwriter and viewed them as highly private and valued possessions with which he was unwilling to part.


We also considered whether Mr. Biden willfully disclosed national defense information to his ghostwriter by reading aloud certain classified notebook passages to the ghostwriter nearly verbatim on at least three occasions. Mr. Biden should have known that by reading his unfiltered notes about classified meetings in the Situation Room, he risked sharing classified information with his ghostwriter. But the evidence does not show that when Mr. Biden shared the specific passages with his ghostwriter, Mr. Biden knew the passages were classified and intended to share classified information. Mr. Biden’s lapses in attention and vigilance demonstrate why former officials should not keep classified materials unsecured at home and read them aloud to others, but jurors could well conclude that Mr. Biden’s actions were unintentional. We therefore decline to charge Mr. Biden for disclosure of these passages to his ghostwriter.


In reaching our decision, we did not consider every circumstance m which criminal charges against a former president or vice president for mishandling classified information may be warranted. But on the facts of this case, “the fundamental interests of society” do not “require” criminal charges against Mr. Biden.~ For this additional reason, applying the Principles of Federal Prosecution set forth in the Justice Manual, we decline prosecution.

The practices of retaining classified material in unsecured locations and reading classified material to one’s ghostwriter present serious risks to national security, given the vulnerability of extraordinarily sensitive information to loss or compromise to America’s adversaries. The Department routinely highlights such risks when pursuing classified mishandling prosecutions. But addressing those risks through criminal charges, the only means available to this office, is not the proper remedy here.


Other classified materials: For other recovered classified documents, after a thorough investigation the decision to decline criminal charges was straightforward. The FBI recovered additional marked classified documents at the Penn Eiden Center, elsewhere in Mr. Biden’s Delaware home, and in collections of his Senate papers at the University of Delaware, but the evidence suggests that Mr. Biden did not willfully retain these documents and that they could plausibly have been brought to these locations by mistake. We also investigated whether persons other than Mr. Biden knowingly mishandled these classified documents, and our investigation showed that they did not. In reaching these conclusions, we note the numerous previous instances in which marked classified documents have been discovered intermixed with the personal papers of former Executive Branch officials and members of Congress.


Mr. Biden’s ghostwriter and destruction of evidence: After learning of the special counsel’s appointment in this matter, Mr. Biden’s ghostwriter deleted audio recordings he had created of his discussions with Mr. Biden during the writing of Mr. Biden’s 2017 memoir. The recordings had significant evidentiary value. After telling the Special Counsel’s Office what he had done, the ghostwriter turned over his computer and external hard drive and consented to their search.

Based on the FBI’s analysis. it appears the FBI recovered all deleted audio files relating to the memoir, though portions of a few of the files appear to be missing, which is possible when forensic tools are used to recover deleted files. The ghostwriter kept, and did not delete or attempt to delete, his near-verbatim transcripts of the recordings and produced those transcripts to us, including for each of the incomplete recovered files.

We considered whether to charge the ghostwriter with obstruction of justice, but we believe the evidence would be insufficient to obtain a conviction and therefore declined to prosecute him. While the ghostwriter admitted that he deleted the recordings after he learned of the special counsel’s investigation, the evidence falls short of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended to impede an investigation, which is the intent required by law. In his interviews, the ghostwriter offered plausible, innocent reasons for why he deleted the recordings. He also preserved his transcripts that contain some of the most incriminating information against Mr. Eiden-including his statement about finding “all the classified stuff downstairs” in 2017-which is inconsistent with an intent to impede an investigation by destroying evidence. And the ghostwriter voluntarily produced to investigators his notes and the devices from which the recordings were recovered. For these reasons, we believe that the admissible evidence would not suffice to obtain a conviction of the ghostwriter for obstruction of justice. On balance, relevant aggravating and mitigating factors also not support his prosecution.


In 2010, the Executive Secretary team raised concerns about the number of classified briefing books that Mr. Biden had not returned, and the fact that, even when they were returned, some of the content was missing. These concerns were raised with [Cynthia] Hogan [who had served as served as counsel to Vice President Biden from 2009 to 2013] as well as Mr. Biden’s personal aide and military aides. E-mails indicate that the Executive Secretary team alerted Hogan to the issue at least in June 2010, when nearly thirty of the classified briefing books from the first six months of 2010 were outstanding, and in August 2010, when Mr. Biden failed to return Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (also referred to as “codeword”) contents of a classified briefing book that he had received during a trip to the Hamptons, in New York. We were unable to determine whether these materials were ever recovered, although they were likely found and disposed of by military aides or naval enlisted aides.

The return of classified briefing books without all of their contents frustrated the Executive Secretary team. In response, Hogan implemented additional security procedures described below. But even after those measures were implemented, the Executive Secretary team continued to struggle to retrieve classified briefing books from Mr. Biden.


In addition to the marked classified documents Mr. Biden received through the President’s Daily Brief classified briefing books, and other avenues, he also regularly created classified documents in the form of his own handwritten notes. Throughout the eight years of the Obama administration, Mr. Biden took notes during classified meetings and about classified information in notebooks and on notecards. Although the substantive information in the notebooks and notecards was similar — and similarly classified — the notebooks and notecards were handled differently, both during the administration and after.

During the Obama administration, Mr. Biden’s staff regularly collected and reviewed his notecards to determine if they contained classified information and so they could eventually be archived as presidential records. At the end of the administration, Mr. Biden’s staff arranged for him to store most of his classified notecards, which contained notes on the President’s Daily Brief and other classified information, in a SCIF at the National Archives. In contrast, Mr. Biden held his notebooks close, and his staff did not review them. After the administration, Mr. Biden brought his notebooks home with him and stored them in unsecured locations that were not authorized to store classified information — even though the notebooks, like the notecards, contained classified information.

Some information in the notebooks remains classified up to the Top Secret level and includes Sensitive Compartmented Information, including from compartments used to protect information concerning human intelligence sources.


Mr. Biden wanted to take copies of his notecards when he left office to help write his book. As explained in Chapter Five, in the final year of his vice presidency, Mr. Biden began writing a memoir about his time in office. When conceiving of and writing the book, Mr. Biden worked with a ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer. In 2016, Zwonitzer reached out to Mr. Biden’s staff and requested help with locating Mr. Biden’s journals and notes that would be helpful in writing the book. As he approached the end of his vice presidency, Mr. Biden sought to keep copies of his notecards and other records for use in the book-writing process. According to a staffer involved in the project, Mr. Biden wanted to take copies of the notecards “so that he didn’t have to go to [the National Archives] every day to help write this book.”

In late September 2016, Zwonitzer e-mailed Mr. Biden’s chief of staff to schedule an interview with Mr. Biden. Zwonitzer said he wanted to cover “very specific topics and time frames” and said he would “tell you exactly what ground/time period I want to cover in the session so the VP could have relevant notes/diaries etc, with him when we talk.” Around this same time, Mr. Biden’s staff made copies of the notecards and organized them into binders so that he could take them after he left office. The notes were organized by topic or date.


As for [Kristen] Bakotic [VP Biden’s executive secretary], during an interview with our office, she said that she did not recall ever taking the position that Mr. Biden could take classified notes home with him after his vice presidency. According to Bakotic, she believed in the fall of 2016, when the detailee wrote her e-mail, that there was still time for Mr. Biden to review his notes and get the information he needed in a secure fashion before the administration ended.

She also did not recall ever advising Mr. Biden that he could retain classified notes after his term in office, and said it was not her role to advise the vice president about classified record-handling. Nor did she recall anyone else in the Obama administration taking the position that Mr. Biden could take classified material home with him in an unsecure environment after the vice presidency. Based on her own training, she knew that classified materials were supposed to be stored in a secure facility. A memorandum from the National Security Council sent to all Office of the Vice President staffin December 2016 and January 2017 confirmed this understanding, instructing that “[m]eeting notes … , and classified notes of any kind, are NOT personal notes” and that only unclassified personal records could be removed from the White House at the end of the administration, though there is no evidence this guidance was ever communicated to Mr. Biden


In October 2016, Mr. Biden’s staff installed a new safe at the Naval Observatory for the storage of Mr. Biden’s notecards. Shortly after the Executive Secretary detailee raised an objection to the handling of Mr. Biden’s notecards in October 2016, Mr. Biden’s staff installed a new safe at the Naval Observatory. E-mail traffic from that time suggests the safe was meant to store Mr. Biden’s classified notecards.

On October 20, 2016-two days after the Executive Secretary detailee objected to the handling of the notecards-Mr. Biden’s deputy national security advisor reached out to Mr. Biden’s personal aide asking to ‘run something” by Mr. Biden. Later that night, the personal aide replied that he had talked to Executive Secretary Bakotic and “[s]ounds like we’re good. Let me know if there’s anything additional beyond the safe issue.”

That same day, the deputy national security advisor sent an e-mail with the subject line “New Safe at NavObs” to Mr. Biden’s chief of staff, Counsel, national security advisor, and others. In the e-mail, the deputy national security advisor said that “[t]he VP approved the placement of a new safe at NavObs and conveyed his desired location.” He explained that the safe would be installed the following day and would be “load[ed] up with the relevant materials.” Later that evening, a career employee on the Executive Secretary team e-mailed the detailee to let her know “for [her] awareness” that a safe was being installed. Although these e-mails suggest that Mr. Biden’s staffers installed the new safe at the Naval Observatory to store the notecards, the staffers told investigators that they did not remember why the safe was installed or what was stored in it. At the same time Mr. Biden’s staff was considering how to handle the notecards, he told his ghostwriter that “they didn’t even know” he had notebooks containing similar classified

Mr. Biden appeared to reference the notecards issue during a recorded interview with his ghostwriter Zwonitzer on October 10, 2016 — the same time period during which his staff were discussing and arranging the secure storage of his classified notecards. At the time, Mr. Biden was reading aloud from his “Foreign Policy” notebook, including reading notes from meetings in the Situation Room. As explained below, Mr. Biden’s notebooks were separate from his notecards, though he often took similar-and similarly classified-notes in each. Referring to his “Foreign Policy” notebook, Mr. Biden added, ”[t]hey didn’t even know I have this.”

The Most Important Revelations in the Special Counsel’s Report on Biden

On February 8, 2024, Andrew Kerr of the Washington Free Beacon wrote the following:

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents so enraged the president that he hastily called a 7:45 p.m. press conference Thursday evening to reassure the nation: “I know what the hell I’m doing.”

Biden in particular took issue with Hur’s claim that the president appeared “as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” who could not recall basic details like when he served as vice president, or when his son, Beau, died.

But Hur’s investigation uncovered more about Biden than the mental lapses dominating news coverage. Here are the biggest revelations from Hur’s report.

Biden knew he had classified records at his home as early as February 2017.

Biden said in January 2023 he “immediately” turned over the classified information stored at his Delaware home when the records were discovered in December 2022.

But investigators obtained a recording of a February 2017 conversation in which Biden acknowledged he had “classified stuff” at the Virginia home he rented after leaving office the month prior.

Biden told Mark Zwonitzer, the ghostwriter of his 2017 memoir, Promise Me, Dad, that he “just found all the classified stuff downstairs” concerning President Barack Obama’s 2009 Afghanistan troop surge. Investigators later found classified information related to the surge in the garage of Biden’s Delaware home.

Biden also told Zwonitzer during a recorded conversation that he had resisted turning in some of his notes to the National Archives, which he reviewed in a secure room during in-person visits to the Archives in May and July 2017. Hur said Biden should have known that those same security protocols would have applied to the notes he maintained at his Delaware home, some of which remain classified at the Top Secret level.

Biden knew his ghostwriter wasn’t authorized to receive classified information, but furnished it, anyway.

Biden proposed hiring his ghostwriter, Zwonitzer, as an official historian for his vice presidential office in 2011. Biden knew at the time that Zwonitzer did not have a security clearance, and Biden’s counsel wrote in a memo at the time that the author would need to obtain one in order to review “any notes or other material that contained classified information.”

The memo dissuaded Biden from hiring Zwonitzer as his historian in 2011. Still, Biden read classified passages from his notes to the ghostwriter nearly verbatim in 2017 as the pair worked on Biden’s memoir.

“Some of this may be classified, so be careful,” Biden told Zwonitzer during one recorded conversation. “I’m not sure. It isn’t marked classified, but.”

Biden then read nearly verbatim his notes from a 2014 Situation Room meeting that, to this day, remain classified at the Secret level, Hur wrote.

Biden claimed he only called the documents classified “in a generic sense, to refer not to the formal classification of national security information, but to sensitive or private topics to ensure that Mr. Zwonitzer would not write about them.”

Hur said the president’s statement was “incredible,” noting that Biden had nearly 50 years of experience dealing with classified information and should know better than to use the term “classified” as a euphemism for “private.”

Biden preserved his classified notes for personal profit.

Hur reports that as early as July 2010, Biden identified three reasons to retain classified notes: defense of his record, his future presidential aspirations, and his personal profit to finance his retirement.

“One function of Mr. Biden’s notebooks was to provide raw material for his eventual second memoir,” Hur wrote in his report. “After leaving office, Mr. Biden kept his notebooks at his homes in Virginia and Delaware and used them to write that book.”

Biden’s notes contained classified information about American intelligence and military sources, methods, capabilities, and activities, as well as plans and capabilities of foreign militaries and terrorist organizations. Investigators located eight excerpts from Biden’s notes containing top secret information, seven of which contained information concerning human intelligence sources.

Those notes, Zwonitzer said, “made the book possible” by providing the “emotional arc of the … story,” Hur wrote in his report.

Biden and his wife, Jill, earned more than $15.6 million from book deals and speaking fees between 2017 and 2019.

A military detailee expressed concern in 2016 that Biden was mishandling classified notes

Biden’s insistence that he keep his classified notes for use in writing a book “after the [Obama] administration has ended” spooked one military detailee so much that she warned Biden’s notes were “being mishandled” in an October 2016 memo.

The unnamed military detailee said she raised concerns during an Oct. 18, 2016, meeting about Biden’s retention of his classified notes, but was rebuked by the then-vice president’s executive secretary, Kristen Bakotic, who insisted Biden’s notes should be made available to him “without restriction.”

“I do not agree with Kristen Bakotic,” the military detailee wrote in her memo. “I believe these records are being mishandled; however, Kristen is my superior officer and I am not in a position to challenge her authority. I have requested to not participate in any project or meetings that involve these records.”

Biden’s ghostwriter tried to delete incriminating evidence.

Much of Hur’s report is based on recordings between Biden and his ghostwriter, Zwonitzer, as they worked on the president’s 2017 memoir.

But if Zwonitzer had his way, those recordings would have never seen the light of day. The ghostwriter deleted most of the recordings from his laptop after learning of Hur’s appointment, but before being contacted by FBI investigators seeking records related to his work with Biden.

Investigators used forensic tools to recover the deleted recordings.

Zwonitzer said he deleted the recordings after receiving “vague but threatening e-mails from groups hostile to Mr. Biden,” which left him concerned that hackers could break into his systems and expose the recordings to the public.

The ghostwriter told investigators he didn’t delete the recordings at Biden’s request, nor to prevent authorities from obtaining them, both of which were key factors in Hur’s decision not to charge Zwonitzer with obstruction.

Biden’s lawyers tried to pressure Hur into rescinding comments on Biden’s mental acuity.

Biden attorneys Richard Sauber and Bob Bauer urged Hur to “revisit” his “inappropriate” description of the president’s memory response to the special counsel’s draft report on Feb 5.

“The report uses highly prejudicial language to describe a commonplace occurrence among witnesses: a lack of recall of year’s old events,” Biden’s lawyers said. “Such comments have no place in a Department of Justice report.”

The president’s attorneys contended that Biden’s performance during his interviews with Hur was exemplary, considering he was preoccupied with the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel that occurred the day before.

“We request that you revisit your description of President Biden’s memory and revise them so that they are stated in a manner that is within the bounds of your expertise and remit,” they added.

Following the release of Hur’s report, a Biden campaign official attacked the special counsel as a “MAGA guy” who was bitter that he failed to indict the president on criminal charges.

Biden Claimed an Inability to Remember Key Facts More Than 100 Times in Interview Regarding Classified Material

According to the Daily Mail, a transcript of the interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur showed that Biden had said “I don’t recall,” “I don’t remember,” and “I have no goddamn idea” more than 100 times during the questioning. He also had been unable to recall the year when his son Beau died, or when Donald Trump was elected president. Moreover, Biden made jokes throughout the course of the interview.

Biden’s Response to the DOJ’s Special Counsel Report of February 5, 2024

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: President Joe Biden erupted in anger during a press conference that he called at the last minute on Thursday night to address the special counsel’s report on the criminal investigation into Biden’s handling of classified material…. During the event, Biden snapped at reporters for asking him about his mental fitness, even though 76% of Americans have said that his mental and physical fitness was a concern. When asked about voters’ concern, Biden snapped: “That is your judgement! That is your judgement! That is not the judgement of the press.” Biden then declared that he was “the most qualified person in the United States to be president.”

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: While discussing [at the press conference] Israel’s war with Hamas, Biden mixed up world leaders, saying that “the president of Mexico, El-Sisi, did not want to open up the gate to allow humanitarian material to get in.” [Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is not the president of Mexico, he is the president of Egypt.] “I talked to him, I convinced him to open the gate,” Biden claimed. “I talked to Bibi [Netanyahu] to open the gate on the Israeli side.”

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: Biden then forgot the name of the church where his late son, Beau Biden, got the rosary that the president now wears every day.

Daily Wire, 2-8-2024: Biden claimed that the special counsel did not accuse him of sharing classified information with the ghostwriter of his book in 2017, even though the special counsel said that Biden did exactly that.

Biden Says He Hopes for Israel-Hamas Ceasefire within a Few Days

On February 26, 2024, President Biden told reporters that he hoped for a ceasefire to take effect between Israel and Hamas by Monday, March 4. “My national security adviser tells me that we’re close,” said Biden. “We’re close. We’re not done yet. My hope is by next Monday we’ll have a ceasefire.” Egypt, Qatar and the United States had been mediating peace talks between the two sides since January.

Biden Says Israeli Gunfire That Killed Gazans Will “Complicate” Ceasefire Talks

On February 29, 2024, President Biden said the United States was evaluating both Israel’s and Hamas’s “competing versions” of the facts surrounding an incident where, according to the Hamas-run health ministry, Israeli Defense Forces personnel had shot and killed 112 Palestinians while the latter were peacefully trying to obtain food and humanitarian aid from delivery trucks that had assembled in one particular Gaza location. Israeli authorities, by contrast, claimed that a “violent gathering” had erupted in the vicinity of the trucks, prompting IDF soldiers to fire warning shots which caused only 10 of the hundreds of casualties reported. “We’re checking that out right now,” said Biden. “There’s two competing versions of what happened. I don’t have an answer yet.” When asked by reporters whether the incident would complicate the ongoing ceasefire talks, the president replied: “I know it will.” Moreover, the White House released a statement saying: “We mourn the loss of innocent life and recognize the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, where innocent Palestinians are just trying to feed their families. This underscores the importance of expanding and sustaining the flow of humanitarian assistance into Gaza, including through a potential temporary ceasefire.”

State Of The Union Speech, 2024

On March 7, 2024, President Biden delivered his annual SOTU speech before both Houses of Congress. Some notable excerpts:

In January 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt came to this chamber to speak to the nation. He said, “I address you at a moment unprecedented in the history of the Union.” Hitler was on the march. War was raging in Europe. President Roosevelt’s purpose was to wake up the Congress and alert the American people that this was no ordinary moment. Freedom and democracy were under assault in the world.

Tonight I come to the same chamber to address the nation. Now it is we who face an unprecedented moment in the history of the Union…. Not since President Lincoln and the Civil War have freedom and democracy been under assault here at home as they are today.

What makes our moment rare is that freedom and democracy are under attack, both at home and overseas, at the very same time. Overseas, Putin of Russia is on the march, invading Ukraine and sowing chaos throughout Europe and beyond…. [A]ssistance for Ukraine is being blocked by those who want us to walk away from our leadership in the world.

It wasn’t that long ago when a Republican President, Ronald Reagan, thundered, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Now, my predecessor, a former Republican President, tells Putin, “Do whatever the hell you want.” A former American President actually said that, bowing down to a Russian leader. It’s outrageous. It’s dangerous. It’s unacceptable….

History is watching, just like history watched three years ago on January 6th. Insurrectionists stormed this very Capitol and placed a dagger at the throat of American democracy. Many of you were here on that darkest of days. We all saw with our own eyes these insurrectionists were not patriots. They had come to stop the peaceful transfer of power and to overturn the will of the people. January 6th and the lies about the 2020 election, and the plots to steal the election, posed the gravest threat to our democracy since the Civil War. But they failed. America stood strong and democracy prevailed.

But we must be honest the threat remains and democracy must be defended. My predecessor and some of you here seek to bury the truth of January 6th. I will not do that. This is a moment to speak the truth and bury the lies. And here’s the simplest truth. You can’t love your country only when you win. As I’ve done ever since being elected to office, I ask you all, without regard to party, to join together and defend our democracy! Remember your oath of office to defend against all threats foreign and domestic. Respect free and fair elections! Restore trust in our institutions! And make clear –political violence has absolutely no place in America! History is watching.

And history is watching another assault on freedom. Joining us tonight is Latorya Beasley, a social worker from Birmingham, Alabama. 14 months ago tonight, she and her husband welcomed a baby girl thanks to the miracle of IVF. She scheduled treatments to have a second child, but the Alabama Supreme Court shut down IVF treatments across the state, unleashed by the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. She was told her dream would have to wait. What her family has gone through should never have happened. And unless Congress acts, it could happen again…. To my friends across the aisle, don’t keep families waiting any longer. Guarantee the right to IVF nationwide!

Like most Americans, I believe Roe v. Wade got it right. And I thank Vice President Harris for being an incredible leader, defending reproductive freedom and so much more. But my predecessor came to office determined to see Roe v. Wade overturned. He’s the reason it was overturned. In fact, he brags about it. Look at the chaos that has resulted.

Joining us tonight is Kate Cox, a wife and mother from Dallas. When she became pregnant again, the fetus had a fatal condition. Her doctors told Kate that her own life and her ability to have children in the future were at risk if she didn’t act. Because Texas law banned abortion, Kate and her husband had to leave the state to get the care she needed. What her family has gone through should never have happened as well. But it is happening to so many others. There are state laws banning the right to choose, criminalizing doctors, and forcing survivors of rape and incest to leave their states as well to get the care they need.

Many of you in this Chamber and my predecessor are promising to pass a national ban on reproductive freedom. My God, what freedoms will you take away next?…

If Americans send me a Congress that supports the right to choose, I promise you, I will restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land again!…

Four years ago next week, before I came to office, our country was hit by the worst pandemic and the worst economic crisis in a century. Remember the fear. Record job losses. Remember the spike in crime. And the murder rate. A raging virus that would take more than 1 million American lives and leave millions of loved ones behind. A mental health crisis of isolation and loneliness. A president, my predecessor, who failed the most basic duty. Any President owes the American people the duty to care. That is unforgivable. I came to office determined to get us through one of the toughest periods in our nation’s history. And we have. It doesn’t make the news but in thousands of cities and towns the American people are writing the greatest comeback story never told…. The pandemic no longer controls our lives. The vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer….

I inherited an economy that was on the brink. Now our economy is the envy of the world! 15 million new jobs in just three years – that’s a record! Unemployment at 50-year lows. A record 16 million Americans are starting small businesses, and each one is an act of hope. With historic job growth and small business growth for Black, Hispanic, and Asian-Americans. 800,000 new manufacturing jobs in America and counting.

More people have health insurance today than ever before. The racial wealth gap is the smallest it’s been in 20 years. Wages keep going up and inflation keeps coming down!  Inflation has dropped from 9% to 3% – the lowest in the world!…

Folks Obamacare, known as the Affordable Care Act is still a very big deal. Over one hundred million of you can no longer be denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. But my predecessor and many in this chamber want to take that protection away by repealing the Affordable Care Act I won’t let that happen!…

I’ve already cut the federal deficit by over one trillion dollars. I signed a bipartisan budget deal that will cut another trillion dollars over the next decade. And now it’s my goal to cut the federal deficit $3 trillion more by making big corporations and the very wealthy finally pay their fair share. Look, I’m a capitalist. If you want to make a million bucks – great! Just pay your fair share in taxes…. The last administration enacted a $2 Trillion tax cut that overwhelmingly benefits the very wealthy and the biggest corporations and exploded the federal deficit. They added more to the national debt than in any presidential term in American history…. Do you really think the wealthy and big corporations need another $2 trillion in tax breaks?

I sure don’t. I’m going to keep fighting like hell to make it fair! Under my plan nobody earning less than $400,000 will pay an additional penny in federal taxes. Nobody. Not one penny….

There are 1,000 billionaires in America. You know what the average federal tax rate for these billionaires is? 8.2 percent! That’s far less than the vast majority of Americans pay. No billionaire should pay a lower tax rate than a teacher, a sanitation worker, a nurse! That’s why I’ve proposed a minimum tax of 25% for billionaires. Just 25%. That would raise $500 Billion over the next 10 years. Imagine what that could do for America. Imagine a future with affordable child care so millions of families can get the care they need and still go to work and help grow the economy….

We have two ways to go on Social Security. Republicans will cut Social Security and give more tax cuts to the wealthy. I will protect and strengthen Social Security and make the wealthy pay their fair share!

Too many corporations raise their prices to pad their profits charging you more and more for less and less. That’s why we’re cracking down on corporations that engage in price gouging or deceptive pricing from food to health care to housing. In fact, snack companies think you won’t notice when they charge you just as much for the same size bag but with fewer chips in it. Pass Senator Bob Casey’s bill to put a stop to shrinkflation!…

In November, my team began serious negotiations with a bipartisan group of Senators. The result was a bipartisan bill with the toughest set of border security reforms we’ve ever seen in this country. That bipartisan deal would hire 1,500 more border security agents and officers. 100 more immigration judges to help tackle a backload of 2 million cases. 4,300 more asylum officers and new policies so they can resolve cases in 6 months instead of 6 years. 100 more high-tech drug detection machines to significantly increase the ability to screen and stop vehicles from smuggling fentanyl into America. This bill would save lives and bring order to the border. It would also give me as President new emergency authority to temporarily shut down the border when the number of migrants at the border is overwhelming…. My Republican friends you owe it to the American people to get this bill done….

I will not demonize immigrants saying they “poison the blood of our country” as he [Trump] said in his own words. I will not separate families. I will not ban people from America because of their faith.

Unlike my predecessor, on my first day in office I introduced a comprehensive plan to fix our immigration system, secure the border, and provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and so much more…. We can fight about the border, or we can fix it. I’m ready to fix it. Send me the border bill now!…

[T]here are forces taking us back in time. Voter suppression. Election subversion. Unlimited dark money. Extreme gerrymandering…. Pass and send me the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act! And stop denying another core value of America our diversity across American life.

Banning books. It’s wrong! Instead of erasing history, let’s make history!

I want to protect other fundamental rights! Pass the Equality Act, and my message to transgender Americans: I have your back!

Pass the PRO Act for workers rights! And raise the federal minimum wage because every worker has the right to earn a decent living!

We are also making history by confronting the climate crisis, not denying it. I’m taking the most significant action on climate ever in the history of the world. I am cutting our carbon emissions in half by 2030…. Taking historic action on environmental justice for fence-line communities smothered by the legacy of pollution. And patterned after the Peace Corps and Ameri Corps, I’ve launched a Climate Corps to put 20,000 young people to work at the forefront of our clean energy future. I’ll triple that number this decade….

I [established] the first-ever Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the White House that Vice President Harris is leading. Meanwhile, my predecessor told the NRA he’s proud he did nothing on guns when he was President. After another school shooting in Iowa he said we should just “get over it.” … I’m proud we beat the NRA when I signed the most significant gun safety law in nearly 30 years! Now we must beat the NRA again! I’m demanding a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines! Pass universal background checks! None of this violates the Second Amendment or vilifies responsible gun owners. […]

Biden Apologizes for Using the Word “Illegal” (Alien)

During an MSNBC interview that aired on March 9, 2024, host Jonathan Capehart asked Biden to reflect on the moment during his recent March 6 State Of The Union address, when Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had heckled the president while the latter was discussing the border crisis. Specifically, Greene shouted, “say her name” and “what about Laken Riley?” — referring to a 22-year-old nursing student who had recently been murdered by an illegal alien from Venezuela. Biden, in respose to Greene, stated: “Lincoln (sic) Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal. That’s right. But how many of the thousands of people being killed by illegals – to her parents, I say my heart goes out to you. Having lost children myself, I understand.”

Regarding Biden’s exchange with Greene, Capehart asked the president: “I noticed the look of surprise on your face when you walked into the chamber and you saw Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. It was priceless. You feigned shock at seeing her. But, during your response to her heckling of you, you used the word ‘illegal’ when talking about the man who allegedly killed Laken Riley.”

Biden responded, “Undocumented person. And I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal,’ I should have — it’s undocumented. And look, when I spoke about the difference between Trump and me, one of things I talked about on the border was the way he talks about vermin, the way he talks about these people polluting the blood. I talked about what I’m not going to do, what I won’t do. I’m not going to treat any of these people with disrespect. Look, they built the country, the reason our economy is growing. We have to control the border and [have] more orderly flow, but I don’t share his view at all.”

“So, you regret using that word?” asked Capehart.

“Yes,” Biden answered.

Biden Issues Ramadan Message Lamenting the “Pain” & “Suffering” of Palestinians in Gaza

On March 10, 2024, President Biden issued the following statement to mark the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan:

“Tonight—as the new crescent moon marks the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan— [First Lady] Jill and I extend our best wishes and prayers to Muslims across our country and around the world.

“The sacred month is a time for reflection and renewal. This year, it comes at a moment of immense pain. The war in Gaza has inflicted terrible suffering on the Palestinian people. More than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed, most of them civilians, including thousands of children. Some are family members of American Muslims, who are deeply grieving their lost loved ones today. Nearly two million Palestinians have been displaced by the war; many are in urgent need of food, water, medicine, and shelter. As Muslims gather around the world over the coming days and weeks to break their fast, the suffering of the Palestinian people will be front of mind for many. It is front of mind for me.

“The United States will continue to lead international efforts to get more humanitarian assistance into Gaza by land, air, and sea. Earlier this week, I directed our military to lead an emergency mission to establish a temporary pier on the coast of Gaza that can receive large shipments of aid. We are carrying out airdrops of aid, in coordination with our international partners, including Jordan. And we’ll continue to work with Israel to expand deliveries by land, insisting that it facilitate more routes and open more crossings to get more aid to more people.

“While we get more life-saving aid to Gaza, the United States will continue working non-stop to establish an immediate and sustained ceasefire for at least six weeks as part of a deal that releases hostages. And we will continue building toward a long-term future of stability, security, and peace. That includes a two-state solution to ensure Palestinians and Israelis share equal measures of freedom, dignity, security, and prosperity. That is the only path toward an enduring peace.

“Here at home, we have seen an appalling resurgence of hate and violence toward Muslim Americans. Islamophobia has absolutely no place in the United States, a country founded on freedom of worship and built on the contributions of immigrants, including Muslim immigrants. My Administration is developing the first-ever National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia and Related Forms of Bias and Discrimination, to take on hate against Muslim, Sikh, South Asian, and Arab American communities, wherever it occurs. No one should ever fear being targeted at school, at work, on the street, or in their community because of their background or beliefs.

“To Muslims across our country, please know that you are deeply valued members of our American family. To those who are grieving during this time of war, I hear you, I see you, and I pray you find solace in your faith, family, and community. And to all who are marking the beginning of Ramadan tonight, I wish you a safe, healthy, and blessed month. Ramadan kareem.”

Netanyahu Says Biden Is “Wrong” Regarding Israel & the Palestinians

On March 7, 2024 — just hours after David Ignatius of the Washington Post reported that the Biden administration was considering limiting arms sales to Israel as a way to deter its military forces from entering Rafah, where Hamas’s four remaining battalions were cornered by the IDF — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:

“Soldiers and officers, we are in the midst of a war that could not be more just. The Government set the goals of the war – and you are in the field working to achieve them: Eliminating Hamas’s evil rule, returning home all of our hostages and preventing any future threat to the State of Israel from Gaza.

“In this war, the ground forces are at the center: In face-to-face battles, eliminating terrorists, destroying terrorist infrastructure, destroying tunnels, relentlessly pursuing the arch-murderers and in efforts to locate hostages.

“I want you to pay attention to what is being said about you, about our IDF. Noted military historian John Spencer, an expert on urban warfare at West Point, the Training Base #1 of the US, says that no army in history has dealt with tens of thousands of armed fighters, dispersed in various cities, who are using the civilian population as human shields, and who hide in hundreds of kilometers of underground tunnels, and despite these harsh and unprecedented conditions, he says that the IDF is achieving the goals of the war with impressive success and is doing so with minimal harm to civilians. And as the historian Spencer notes, with an effort that no other army in the world, in the history of armies, has done.

“Today, I want to tell you tell you clearly: The IDF will continue to operate against all of Hamas’s battalions throughout the Strip – and this includes Rafah, Hamas’s last stronghold. Whoever tells us not to operate in Rafah, is telling us to lose the war – and that will not happen.

“At the same time, we will take vigorous action in the other sectors, against whoever seeks to destroy us, including on the northern front. Whoever has not yet been convinced by our strength would do well to look at what is happening to the enemy strongholds in Gaza. Our enemies have brought unprecedented destruction on themselves. Those who talked about spider webs – are today meeting lions.

“Indeed, there is international pressure, and it is increasing. But it is precisely when the international pressure increases that we must close ranks among ourselves. We must stand together against the attempts to stop the war. We must reject together the desperate attempt to charge the IDF with the responsibility for Hamas’s crimes.

“It is Hamas that murdered, massacred and raped our brothers and sisters. It is Hamas that abducted our sons and daughters. It is Hamas that is perpetrating war crimes against its people – and ours – on a daily basis. And we are fighting these monsters in order to ensure our very existence. Even as we defend ourselves, we are defending the most sacred values of the free world and human society as a whole.

“Therefore, I say to the leaders of the world: When we defeat the murderers of October 7, we are preventing the next 9/11. The entire civilized world should support the IDF and the State of Israel.

“The fighting – and the learning while fighting – are intertwined. This is what the Psalmist says: ‘Who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.’ [Psalm 144:1] We are learning the lessons of the fighting and we are planning – with due consideration – the continuation of the war. In the future, we will learn all the lessons of October 7. We will do so openly and fully. But today we have a clear goal: Achieving total victory in the war.”

In a March 10, 2024 interview with Politico, Netanyahu spoke about U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent assertion that the Israeli prime minister was pursuing “private” policies in dealing with the Palestinians that: (a) most Israelis rejected, and (b) were “hurting Israel more than … helping.” Said Netanyahu:

“I don’t know exactly what the president meant, but if he meant by that that I’m pursuing private policies against the majority, the wish of the majority of Israelis, and that this is hurting the interests of Israel, then he’s wrong on both counts.

“Number one, these are not my private policies, only. They’re policies supported by the overwhelming majority of the Israelis. They support the action that we’re taking to destroy the remaining terrorist battalions of Hamas. They say that once we destroy the Hamas, the last thing we should do is put in Gaza, in charge of Gaza, the Palestinian Authority that educates its children towards terrorism and pays for terrorism. And they also support my position that says that we should resoundingly reject the attempt to ram down our throats a Palestinian state.

“That is something that they agree on. And it’s something that I think is also for the interests of Israel because the majority of Israelis understand that if we don’t do this, what we’ll have is a repetition of the October 7th massacre, which is bad for Israel, bad for the Palestinians, bad for the future of peace in the Middle East. So, the attempt to say that my policies are my private policies that are not supported by most Israelis, is false. The vast majority are united as never before. And they understand what’s good for Israel. They understand what’s important for Israel. And I think they’re right.”

Biden Considers Using Guantanamo Bay to Process Possible Wave of Haitian Illegals

On March 13, 2024, the New York Post reported:

“The Biden administration is weighing a plan to use Guantanamo Bay to process Haitian migrants in the case of a mass exodus from the gang-ravaged nation, according to a report.

“A wave of violence has engulfed the Caribbean island in recent weeks, leading to concerns over a potential influx of illegal immigration from Haiti …

“Biden administration is considering using [an already existing] migrant center at the US Naval base in Guantanamo Bay as a site to hold people fleeing Haiti’s recent wave of gang violence. The Migrant Operations Center in Guantanamo, which is about 200 miles west of Haiti, has been used to house migrants picked up by the US Coast Guard in the Caribbean for more than 30 years.”

Biden Extends Iran’s Access to $10 Billion

In a March 14, 2024 opinion piece, the New York Post wrote:

Just six weeks after an Iran-backed drone strike killed three American soldiers in Jordan, President Biden has approved a sanctions waiver giving Tehran continued access to more than $10 billion — money it can use to import goods and repay debts, freeing up $10 billion elsewhere to spend on terrorism, missiles, nuclear weapons and the repression of Iranian women….

The White House first opened spigots of money last summer after it struck a secret accord with Iran — brokered by Oman, reported by every major newspaper in the country and to this day never acknowledged by the administration.

The United States freed up cash for Iran’s use from previously inaccessible bank accounts and gave China a green light to import as much Iranian oil as Beijing desired. In exchange, Iran simply agreed not to enrich uranium above the 90% weapons-grade threshold.

The deal is atrocious, of course. Iran gets paid to expand its nuclear threat — producing more high-enriched uranium just below weapons-grade, installing more advanced centrifuges, building a new underground nuclear facility and limiting access to inspectors — while using the much-needed financial bailout to secure its hold on power and subsidize its malign activities. The mullahs give up nothing but get a windfall nonetheless.

Under the arrangement, one major pot opened for Iran’s use was an escrow account in Baghdad where Iraq had been putting away money it owed Iran for imports of electricity — a requirement Washington imposed in exchange for allowing Baghdad to buy Iranian electricity at all. Iranian officials estimated the account’s value at more than $10 billion.

The Biden administration issued a four-month sanctions waiver in July, for the first time authorizing Baghdad to convert the $10 billion from dinar to euros and send it on to Iranian accounts in Oman. From there, Iran could tap the money for import and debt payments.

The State Department misleads the public by noting the money is not allowed to enter Iran, and Iran can only use it for non-illicit purposes. But it doesn’t matter where the money sits in the world if Tehran is allowed to use it — and if the money is subsidizing non-illicit payments in one place, it frees up $10 billion elsewhere for illicit transactions.

The Oct. 7 massacre was shockingly not enough to convince the president that showering Tehran with cash is a dangerous policy. In November, Biden extended the $10 billion waiver for another four months.

Predictably, Iran’s threats to America grew exponentially. Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria escalated attacks on US forces, culminating in the January deaths of those three American soldiers in Jordan. The Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen escalated missile and drone attacks in the Red Sea. According to the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog, Iran’s stockpile of highly enriched uranium grew ever-more threatening….

Against that backdrop, Biden extended the $10 billion waiver Thursday for another four months.

Biden Administration Abstains on UN Ceasefire Vote Amid Israel’s War Against Hamas

On March 26, 2024, the Biden administration opted to abstain from voting against a United Nations Security Council resolution that demanded an “immediate” cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip — a resolution that did not condition such a pause in combat on the release of the nearly 100 hostages who were still being held by Hamas. Because the U.S. possessed veto power as one of the five permanent members of the Security Council, the Biden administration could have vetoed — i.e., blocked — the resolution with a single “no” vote. Instead, the administration abstained, thereby allowing  the resolution to pass, 14-0.

In response to the outcome of the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled plans for an Israeli delegation to visit Washington to discuss U.S.-Israeli disagreements regarding the advisability of the ground invasion that the Israeli military was preparing to launch against the southern Gaza city of Rafah, Hamas’ last remaining major stronghold. Netanyahu’s office also characterized the Biden administration’s abstention as “a clear retreat from the consistent position of the US in the Security Council since the beginning of the war.” (Note: Soon after having announced his plan to cancel the Israeli delegation to Washington, Netanyahu changed his mind and said that the delegation would be sent to D.C. after all.)

Emboldened by the passage of the United Nations’ cease-fire resolution, Hamas announced that it was “adhering to its position and vision that it presented on March 14” — when it had demanded that Israel “halt the aggression against our people in Gaza and provide relief and assistance to them, as well as the return of displaced persons to their homes, and the withdrawal of occupation forces from the sector.” Following the March 26 UN Security Council vote, Hamas stated: “The occupation’s response did not respond to any of the basic demands of our people and our resistance: (a comprehensive ceasefire, withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced, and a real exchange of prisoners). Accordingly, the movement reiterates that Netanyahu and his extremist government bear full responsibility for thwarting all negotiation efforts and obstructing reaching an agreement so far.” (Israel had recently agreed to release approximately 700-800 Palestinian prisoners in return for 40 of the nearly 100 hostages being held by Hamas — to say nothing about the remains of the 30 or so additional hostages whom Hamas had already murdered.)

In response to Hamas’ announcement, Netanyahu’s office wrote on X: “Hamas’s stance clearly demonstrates its utter disinterest in a negotiated deal and attests to the damage done by the UN Security Council’s resolution. Israel will not address Hamas’s delusional demands. Israel will pursue and achieve its just war objectives: Destroying Hamas’s military and governmental capacities, release of all the hostages, and ensuring Gaza will not pose a threat to the people of Israel in the future.”

Though the aforementioned Israeli delegation was canceled, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant met, as already had been scheduled, with a U.S. contingent that included Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on March 26. During that meeting, Austin complained that “in Gaza today, the number of civilian casualties is far too high and the amount of humanitarian aid is far too low.” And according to a senior U.S. defense official, Austin privately told Gallant that he wished to “help Israel find an alternative to a full-scale and perhaps premature military operation that could endanger the over 1 million civilians that are sheltering in Rafah.”

The New York Post reported on March 26, 2024: “The Biden administration has also ratcheted up the pressure on Netanyahu to help with efforts to funnel more desperately needed humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. However, supporters of Israel insist that most of the aid that does make it into Gaza is stolen by Hamas, leaving those who need help most to fend for themselves.”

Biden Declares Easter Sunday “Transgender Day of Visibility”

On March 29, 2024 — which was the Christian holiday of Good Friday — President Biden declared that Easter Sunday, March 31, would be designated as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Asserting that “transgender Americans are part of the fabric of our nation,” Biden on Good Friday issued an official proclamation that said: “We honor the extraordinary courage and contributions of transgender Americans and reaffirm our Nation’s commitment to forming a more perfect Union — where all people are created equal and treated equally throughout their lives…. I call upon all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity.”

Biden Moves to Stop Potential Trump Administration from Firing Civil Service Employees

On April 4, 2024, Reuters reported:

“The Biden administration on Thursday [April 4] issued final rules meant to protect the jobs of the government’s 2.2 million civil servants, as Republican challenger Donald Trump plans to replace thousands with hardline loyalists if he returns to the White House. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management [OPM] said the rule is meant to clarify longstanding protections for career civil service employees, after former President Trump in his final months in office sought to impose rule changes that would have made it easier for him to fire them.

“Democratic President Joe Biden revoked that executive order, known as Schedule F, shortly after he took office in January 2021. […]

“James Sherk, a senior domestic policy adviser to Trump during the Republican former president’s term and one of the architects of Schedule F, said in comments filed with OPM that the federal bureaucracy often stymied Trump’s policy proposals during his presidency. Last year, two judges on the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that a president should have broad powers to fire government workers.”

Biden Cancels $7.4 Billion in Student Debt for 277,000 Borrowers

On April 12, 2024, Reuters reported:

“President Joe Biden announced plans on Monday [April 8] to ease student debt that would benefit at least 23 million Americans….

“Those plans include canceling up to $20,000 of accrued and capitalized interest for borrowers, regardless of income, which Biden’s administration estimates would eliminate the entirety of that interest for 23 million borrowers.

“The latest round of debt relief affects 277,000 Americans enrolled in the SAVE Plan, other borrowers enrolled in Income-Driven Repayment plans, and borrowers receiving Public Service Loan Forgiveness, the White House said in a statement.

“It follows an announcement in March that $6 billion in student loans would be canceled for 78,000 borrowers.

“The administration said on Friday [April 12] it has approved $153 billion in student debt relief for 4.3 million Americans.

“Biden … last year pledged to find other avenues for tackling debt relief after the U.S. Supreme Court in June blocked his broader plan to cancel $430 billion in student loan debt.”

Biden Dismantles Trump-Era Title IX Rules

On April 19, 2024, Fox News reported:

“The Biden administration has unveiled new rules aimed at safeguarding LGBTQ+ students and changing the ways in which sexual harassment and assault claims are adjudicated on campus.

“The new provisions are part of a revised Title IX regulation issued by the Education Department, fulfilling a campaign pledge by President Biden to revamp those issued during the Trump administration.

“Missing from the new rule, however, is a policy forbidding schools from enacting outright bans on transgender athletes competing against biological females.

“The Biden administration was widely expected to bring in such a policy but has instead put the provision on hold. The delay is widely seen as a political maneuver during an election year in which Republicans have rallied around bans on transgender athletes in girls’ sports.

“Under the new rules, sex discrimination includes discrimination based on gender identity as well as sexual orientation. A school must not separate or treat people differently based on sex, except in limited circumstances, under the provisions and critics say that the change will allow locker rooms and bathrooms to be based on gender identity.

“LGBTQ+ students who face discrimination will be entitled to a response from their school under Title IX, and those failed by their schools can seek recourse from the federal government.

“Biden is also officially undoing sexual assault due process rules put in place by his predecessor and current election-year opponent, former President Donald Trump.

“Colleges will no longer be required to hold live hearings to allow students to cross-examine one another through representatives. Instead, college officials will be able to interview students separately, allowing each student to suggest questions and get a recording of the responses.

“In evaluating the parties’ evidence, a school must use the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ standard of proof unless the school uses the clear and convincing evidence standard in all other comparable proceedings….

“‘The president and his administration can’t act like they care about women or our opportunities and then go and wipe out women’s protections under the country’s landmark sex equality law,’ said Riley Gaines, host of the Gaines for Girls podcast on  ‘Title IX was passed over fifty years ago to end unjust discrimination in education, including athletics. I experienced this law [being] undermined when female athletes like myself were told to keep quiet when a male swimmer took home a title in the women’s division and deprived female athletes of awards, honors, and the opportunity to compete. With its new Title IX rewrite, the Biden administration is unilaterally erasing fifty years of equal opportunity law for women,’ Gaines said.

“The non-profit group Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) has slammed the move by the Biden administration and says it strips away protections for women.  ‘This new rule turns Title IX on its head through extra-statutory regulations that require schools to allow males to self-identify into women’s spaces, opportunities, and athletics,’ the IWF said in a statement.

“The IWF and the Independent Women’s Law Center (IWLC) are joining a coalition of organizations to sue the Biden administration to enjoin the action. ‘Title IX was designed to give women equal opportunities in academic settings. It forbids discrimination on the basis of sex, which it affirms throughout the statute is binary and biological,’ May Mailman, the director of the IWLC said in a statement. ‘The unlawful Omnibus Regulation re-imagines Title IX to permit the invasion of women’s spaces and the reduction of women’s rights in the name of elevating protections for gender identity, which is contrary to the text and purpose of Title IX. Because this is illegal, we plan to sue.'”

EEOC Sues Republican Donors’ Business for “Racially Discriminatory Hiring Practice” over Criminal Background Checks

On April 23, 2024, Judicial Watch reported:

“The Biden administration appears to be using a federal agency to go after a family that has donated significantly to Republicans by suing its company for ‘racially discriminatory hiring practice’ over background checks. The business, Sheetz Inc., is a chain of convenience stores and the Sheetz family has long supported Republicans in Pennsylvania and the Midwest, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. In the last few years, the Sheetz’s have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican causes and political candidates, including presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dave McCormick, and the National Republican Congressional Committee. The most recent donation of $24,500 by Chairman Steve Sheetz was made a few months ago to McCormick, a Westpoint graduate and combat veteran endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

“Now the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is charged with enforcing the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, is suing Sheetz Inc. for “racially discriminatory hiring practice” over background checks. The agency charges that the company’s criminal history screening causes discriminatory impact against black, native American and other workers. In the lawsuit the Biden administration writes that Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records. The company operates stores in over 600 locations throughout six states. The EEOC charges that the background checks disproportionately screened out black, native American/Alaska native and multiracial applicants. ‘Sheetz’s companywide hiring practices violated provisions of Title VII that prohibit disparate impact discrimination,’ according to the agency.

“In its complaint, which was filed in Maryland, the EEOC does not allege that Sheetz was motivated by race when making hiring decisions. The criminal screenings nevertheless resulted in racial discrimination, which violates federal law prohibiting facially neutral employment practices that cause a discriminatory impact because of race when those practices are not job-related and consistent with business necessity or where alternative practices with less discriminatory impact are available. ‘Federal law mandates that employment practices causing a disparate impact because of race or other protected classifications must be shown by the employer to be necessary to ensure the safe and efficient performance of the particular jobs at issue,’ said EEOC Regional Attorney Debra M. Lawrence. ‘Even when such necessity is proven, the practice remains unlawful if there is an alternative practice available that is comparably effective in achieving the employer’s goals but causes less discriminatory effect.’ An EEOC director stresses the agency’s commitment to reintegrating individuals with criminal records into society by ensuring they have fair access to employment and other essential services.

“Last fall the EEOC directed government agencies to ‘widely publicize’ they are ‘hiring persons with criminal conduct issues in their background checks’ as part of a Biden executive order requiring diversity, equity and inclusion in the federal workforce by, among other things expanding employment opportunities for convicted individuals. Job applicants with criminal records are rarely eliminated from government jobs since the president issued the directive, the EEOC conceded at the time, but agency leaders believe more must be done to accommodate them and, when conducting background checks, the agency says employers should take a holistic approach with consideration for mitigating circumstances. In two reports issued last year, the EEOC explained that before Biden’s order an agency task force charged with identifying vulnerable workers and finding ways to better serve them classified ‘formerly incarcerated persons as one category of vulnerable workers due to the challenges they face in securing employment after their incarceration.’ Years ago, the agency also made background checks related to arrest and conviction records among its ‘national substantive area priorities because African Americans and Latinos are disproportionately incarcerated.’ Now the taxpayer-funded federal agency is going after businesses that screen employees with background checks, spending public resources to sue them.”

The EEOC itself explained its lawsuit as follows:

“Sheetz, a large convenience store chain, violated federal law by denying employment to a class of job applicants because of their race, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit filed today.

“The EEOC filed suit against Sheetz, Inc.; Sheetz Distribution Services, LLC; and CLI Transport, LP (collectively, Sheetz), which together operate a chain of convenience stores with over 600 locations in six states. According to the lawsuit, Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records.

“The EEOC charges that Sheetz’s hiring practices disproportionately screened out Black, Native American/Alaska Native and multiracial applicants. Sheetz’s companywide hiring practices violated provisions of Title VII that prohibit disparate impact discrimination, the EEOC says. The lawsuit does not allege that Sheetz was motivated by race when making hiring decisions.

“Such alleged conduct violates Title VII, which prohibits facially neutral employment practices that cause a discriminatory impact because of race when those practices are not job-related and consistent with business necessity or where alternative practices with less discriminatory impact are available. The EEOC filed suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, Northern Division (U.S. EEOC v. Sheetz, Inc., et al., Civil Action No. 1:24-cv-01123-JKB), after first attempting to reach a pre-litigation settlement through its conciliation process.

“‘Federal law mandates that employment practices causing a disparate impact because of race or other protected classifications must be shown by the employer to be necessary to ensure the safe and efficient performance of the particular jobs at issue,’ said EEOC Regional Attorney Debra M. Lawrence. ‘Even when such necessity is proven, the practice remains unlawful if there is an alternative practice available that is comparably effective in achieving the employer’s goals but causes less discriminatory effect.’

“EEOC Philadelphia District Office Director Jamie R. Williamson said, ‘This highlights the significance of the observance of April as Second Chance Month, underscoring our nation’s commitment to reintegrating individuals with criminal records into society by ensuring they have fair access to employment and other essential services. To that end, the EEOC is dedicated to making sure that individuals with criminal records are not unlawfully excluded from employment opportunities because of race.'”

Biden Contemplates Bringing Gazan Refugees to America

On April 30, 2024, the Washington Examiner reported:

“The Biden administration is reportedly considering bringing certain Gazan refugees into the United States. According to internal federal government documents obtained by CBS News, senior officials from federal agencies have considered plans to resettle some Palestinian refugees in the U.S. as the war between Israel and Hamas nears seven months. The plans discussed would only allow Palestinians with immediate family members who are American citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. to settle there. […]

“The Palestinian refugees would have to meet stringent qualifications, including eligibility, medical, and security screenings, then provide proof that they are fleeing due to persecution, such as of their nationality, religion, or political views, according to the report. Palestinians could opt to select the Israeli government as their persecutor, setting up an awkward situation for the allied U.S. government.”

Biden Opens Obamacare to 100,000 Illegal Aliens

On May 3, 2024, Politico reported:

“President Joe Biden on Friday announced a final rule that will open up Obamacare plans to tens of thousands of immigrants who came to the United States as children but do not qualify for government health insurance because they lack legal status.

“Federal health officials estimate that roughly 100,000 people enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will sign up for subsidized plans through the health insurance marketplace over the next year under the rule, which the Biden administration proposed last year. The announcement comes as Biden continues to make health care and his defense of the Affordable Care Act a centerpiece of his reelection campaign. ‘We are committed to making health coverage accessible for all Americans, including DACA recipients, Dreamers, who have worked hard to live the American dream,’ said Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra….

“[T]he 100,000 people expected to take advantage of the rule change is short of the 129,000 people the Biden administration had initially hoped to help newly gain coverage. That’s because the administration is not finalizing a second portion of the rule that would have opened up state Medicaid programs to DACA recipients, though senior administration officials said health officials are continuing to consider Medicaid-related issues.

“Individuals who would have qualified for Medicaid based on their income level will instead be eligible for marketplace subsidies under the rule change.

“Specifically, the rule amends the definition of ‘lawfully present’ to include DACA recipients, also known as Dreamers, for purposes of qualifying for marketplace subsidies. It will also allow DACA recipients in Minnesota, New York and, soon, Oregon to enroll in their state’s basic health program, another coverage option established under the Affordable Care Act for people who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but find Obamacare plans too expensive.

“The new rule is set to take effect at the beginning of the annual Obamacare open enrollment period, which starts Nov. 1. …”

Biden’s Federally Funded & Partisan “Get-Out-The-Vote” Election Interference: Executive Order 14019

On May 15, 2024, the Heritage Foundation reported the following:

“President Biden signed Executive Order (‘E.O.’) 14019, Promoting Access to Voting, on March 7, 2021. The E.O. mobilizes the federal government to interfere in American elections. Section 3 of E.O. 14019 tasks agencies with, among other things, finding ‘ways to provide access to voter registration services and vote-by-mail ballot applications in the course of activities or services that directly engage with the public.’ Agencies are instructed to carry out this function by, among other ways, ‘soliciting and facilitating approved, nonpartisan third-party organizations and State officials to provide voter registration services on agency premises.’  As detailed below, agencies have already begun implementing E.O. 14019.

“Put another way, President Biden ordered federal agencies that provide direct services and engage directly with the American people to explore ways to: (1) use their resources,
connections, and relationships with their clientele to facilitate registrations and mass mail-in ballot applications; (2) use federal resources to assist in completing those registrations and applications; and (3) provide space on ‘agency premises’ and resources to ‘approved’ non-governmental organizations (‘NGO’) and ‘state officials’ to accomplish these directives. […]

“Executive Order 14019 Has Partisan Origins and Application
E.O. 14019 largely tracks with the goals laid out by Demos, a far-left think tank with close ties to the Biden Administration, in its Executive Action to Advance Democracy: What the Biden-Harris Administration and the Agencies Can Do to Build a More Inclusive Democracy. The Demos blueprint called on the Biden Administration to ‘direct federal agencies to provide voter registration services.’  In particular, the blueprint called on the Biden Administration to direct ‘specified federal agencies, in their administration of federal programs, to act as voter registration agencies, including providing voter registration applications, assisting clients to complete applications, and transmitting completed applications to state authorities.’  The similarities of the Demos demand and Section 3 of E.O. 14019 are clear.

“On May 1, 2024, the Oversight Project issued a memorandum and supporting documents highlighting the partisan implementation of E.O. 14019 to date. That memo discussed a July 12, 2021 ‘Listening Session’ with White House staff, officials from the Department of Justice (‘DOJ’), and dozens of far-left NGOs about E.O. 14019.8 Analysis of these NGOs and their representatives who participated in the Listening Session identified zero Republicans, Independents, or politically conservative individuals. Every participant whose party affiliation or political donation history could be identified by the Oversight Project was identified as a Democrat except for one Green Party member.

“At the Listening Session, the NGOs pushed radical, far left ideas on voting. For example, the representative from the Mexican American Defense and Education Fund (‘MALDEF’) voiced their support for non-citizens voting in local elections where legally allowed and appeared to articulate the common left-wing view that prohibitions on non-citizens voting should not be enforced pre-election via methods widely used elsewhere (e.g., most of Europe) such as requiring appropriate voter ID. Rather, they should only be enforced post-election via prosecutions that face any number of obstacles (some deliberately interposed by the very same left-wing groups). Other groups, like the Sentencing Project and Campaign Legal Center, advocated for use of federal resources to register federal pretrial detainees and federal prisoners convicted of misdemeanors. A representative from the Native American Rights Fund advocated for increased ballot drop boxes and polling locations on or near Indian Reservations.

“Other groups identified particular government agencies that predominantly interact with historically Democratic Party voting constituencies to implement E.O. 14019’s federal voter registration tasking. For example, the American Civil Liberties Union (‘ACLU’) suggested using federal programs to register voters including Head Start (a federal preschool program for low-income families) and Social Security because those recipients ‘are lower income and have disabilities.’  Demos suggested the federal public housing agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (‘HUD’), as a vehicle to register low-income persons in public housing by ‘requiring public housing authorities to include this.’  A speaker from the Native American Rights Fund suggested means for expanding Native American voter registration to include ‘food distribution sites could be helpful, as could service sites for children and families, like head start, Bureau of Indian education.’  Partisan state actors have recently announced partnerships with Biden Administration government entities. On March 19, 2024, the Small Business Administration (‘SBA’) announced an agreement with the Michigan Department of State (‘MDOS’) pursuant to E.O. 14019 ‘to promote civic engagement and voter registration in Michigan’ that will run through January 1, 2036. The agreement contains a memorandum of understanding under which MDOS will ‘create a unique URL for the SBA to use to drive online visitors to register to vote. The SBA’s Michigan field office may also allow MDOS officials to conduct in-person voter registration at the SBA’s small business outreach events.’

“In September 2023, MDOS announced a partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs to operate pilot voter registration sites at two Detroit and one Saginaw location. In the 2020 Presidential election, to the extent publicly reported numbers can be accurately relied upon, President Biden won Wayne County (which contains Detroit) by more than 300,000 votes and carried Saginaw county by about 300 votes while winning statewide by just over 154,000 votes.

“Michigan Secretary of State Benson is a left-wing partisan who has embraced policy positions that undermine election security. She’s called President Trump ‘a threat to
democracy.’  In 2019, Benson’s office worked with a ‘Zuckerbucks’-affiliated NGO to alter Michigan absentee voter laws to promote mass mail in ballots while circumventing the Michigan state legislature. Later that year, Benson accepted a position as the co-chair of the NGO’s Circle of Advisors.

“Benson appears to deploy the media tactic that anyone who questions the security of elections in Michigan or any other state, or tries to improve the security of elections, is a threat to democracy….”

Biden Calls for “Immediate Ceasefire” in Gaza

On May 19, 2024, President Biden delivered a commencement address at Morehouse College, where he made the following remarks regarding the Israel-Hamas war:

“What’s happening in Gaza and Israel is heartbreaking.  Hamas’s vicious attack on Israel, killing innocent lives and holding people hostage.  I was there nine days after, s- — pictures of tying a mother and a daughter with a rope, pouring kerosene on them, burning them and watching as they died.  Innocent Palestinians caught in the middle of all this: men, women, and children killed or displaced in despite — in desperate need of water, food, and medicine.  It’s a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. That’s why I’ve called for an immediate ceasefire — an immediate ceasefire to stop the fighting — bring the hostages home.  And I’ve been working on a deal as we speak, working around the clock to lead an international effort to get more aid into Gaza, rebuild Gaza.”

Biden Condemns America As a Racist, White Supremacist Nation

On May 19, 2024, President Biden delivered a commencement address at Morehouse College, where he made the following remarks regarding America’s allegedly widespread racism:

“The pandemic robbed you [graduates] of so much.  Some of you lost loved ones — mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, who were — aren’t able to be here to celebrate with you today — today.  You missed your high school graduation.  You started college just as George Floyd was murdered and there was a reckoning on race.

“It’s natural to wonder if democracy you hear about actually works for you.

“What is democracy if Black men are being killed in the street?

“What is democracy if a trail of broken promises still leave Black — Black communities behind?

“What is democracy if you have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot?

“And most of all, what does it mean, as we’ve heard before, to be a Black man who loves his country even if it doesn’t love him back in equal measure?  (Applause.) […]

“If Black men are being killed on the streets, we bear witness.  For me, that means to call out the poison of white supremacy, to root out systemic racism.

“I stood up for George — with George Floyd’s family to help create a country where you don’t need to have that talk with your son or grandson as they get pulled over.

“Instead of a trail of broken promises, we’re investing more money than ever in Black families and Black communities.”

Biden Boasts That He Found Ways to Defy Supreme Court Rulings on Student Debt Forgiveness

During a commencement address which he delivered at Morehouse College on May 19, 2024, President Biden said: “I’m relieving the burden of student debt — many of you have already had the benefit of it — so I [you] can chase your dreams and grow the economy. When the Supreme Court told me I couldn’t [forgive student debt], I found two other ways to do it.”

Biden Cancels More than $7 Billion in Student Debt for 160,000 People

On May 22, 2024, reported:

“In June 2023, the Supreme Court issued a 6-3 decision to block Biden’s plan to cancel $430 billion in student loan debt for almost 40 million people.

“‘Today, my Administration is canceling student debt for 160,000 more people, bringing the total number of Americans who have benefitted from our debt relief actions to 4.75 million,’ Biden said in the statement. ‘Each of those borrowers has received an average of over $35,000 in debt cancellation.’ […]

“Biden’s latest announcement comes after he announced in April that his administration would be canceling student debt for more than 270,000 people….”

Biden Gloats As Democrats Prevent Trump from Campaigning by Forcing Him to Spend His Days in Courtroom

On May 23, 2024, the Daily Caller wrote the following:

Hitting the campaign trail for the first time during his New York criminal trial, former President Donald Trump told a group of his supporters on April 16 that the courtroom was affecting his ability to see the people. “They want to keep me off the campaign trail, but based on what I am doing, I think there is more press here than if I went to a nice location,” Trump said.

Trump has hosted just a fraction of his famous campaign rallies during 2024 that he did in 2016, an analysis by the Daily Caller found. In 2016, from Jan. 1 to May 7, Trump held 132 rallies across 43 states. During the same date range in 2024, the former president has held just 24 rallies in 11 states.

Since April 15, when Trump’s court case in Manhattan began, only allowing him Wednesdays and weekends free, the former president has held just three rallies. Through the same time period in 2016, Trump conducted 28 rallies. […]

“I’m supposed to be in Georgia, I’m supposed to be in New Hampshire, I’m supposed to be in Ohio and lots of other places, and they have me sitting here,” Trump said on April 30. […]

The Caller’s analysis included a review of Trump’s 2020 campaign events through the same time period, though the then-president was largely limited by the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump hosted 12 rallies from Jan. 1, 2020 to May 7, 2020. In-person events were suspended in March when much of the country shut down due to the pandemic. […]

Trump has referred to the legal pursuits against him as “massive election interference at a scale never seen” and alleged prosecutors had “AIMED for the various trials to come up during my campaign.” […]

While Trump has been confined to the courtroom, limited to coming out to speak to reporters or firing off a post on Truth Social, President Joe Biden’s campaign has made light of his opponent’s restrictions. In a proposal to debate twice during the summer, Biden joked that Trump only has one day available in the week [because he is required to be in court on most days]. “Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. Since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal, I’ll even do it twice,” Biden said in a pre-recorded video. “So let’s pick dates Donald, I hear you’re free Wednesdays,” the president quipped.

Karoline Leavitt, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, hit back on what she called the “strategy” from Biden and his cohorts. “Joe Biden and the Democrats’ entire strategy to defeat President Trump was to weaken him by confining him to a courtroom, but unfortunately for them, their strategy has backfired,” Leavitt told the Caller. “President Trump is increasing his lead over Joe Biden in the polls every day and raised millions more than Joe Biden and the Democrats in the month of April.”

Biden’s Interview with TIME Magazine

On May 28, 2024, President Biden sat down for an interview conducted by TIME Washington Bureau Chief Massimo Calabresi and Editor-in-Chief Sam Jacobs.Below is a lightly edited transcript of the interview:

Thank you for doing this, Mr. President. We appreciate your time. Busy moment. I’ll dive right in. You’re traveling next week to Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day to commemorate a turning point in America’s leadership with the free world. But the anniversary comes at a time when the US under your leadership has been unable to deter crises. First in Afghanistan, then Ukraine, Israel, and mounting tensions in the Far East. Is America still able to play the role of world power that it played in World War Two, and in the Cold War?

Biden: Yes, we’re planning even more. We are, we are the world power. And what I inherited, as a consequence of the mistake that we made in Afghanistan is a—was not a loss in Afghanistan, excuse my cold. But I think that, look, I believe, I have a fundamentally different view than Mr. Trump has on a range of things. Number one: I really believe that we have a values-based as well as practical-based alliances around the world. And he, Trump, wanted to just abandon them. He says he’s practical, one-on-one things he’s doing.

Well, he didn’t get much done. And so we end up in a situation where, when I came into, when I got sworn in, we were in a position where we didn’t have—for example, there’s a quote from Macron at the time saying that, in 2019, that Trump wants to eviscerate NATO. He thinks NATO is useless. And we have to rethink our entire relationship with the United States, they no longer lead the world.

I have that exact quote here. And they no longer lead the world and the transatlantic alliance has to be reexamined. And the interesting piece of that is you now have his former adviser John Bolton saying, he’s certain that the first thing Trump would do if he got reelected is get out of NATO completely.

And so I’ve always believed that there are two elements to American security, and the biggest element and, and our normative example, is our alliances, our alliances. We are—we have, compared to the rest of the world, we have put together the strongest alliance in the history of the world, number one. Number two, we’re in a situation where we are able to move in a way that recognizes how much the world has changed and still lead the world. And it’s our security. For example, the idea that if when Putin decided to go into Russia—I mean, he’s gonna go from Russia into Ukraine—the reason why I cleared the intelligence so we can release the information we knew that he was going to attack, was to let the world know we were still in charge. We still know what’s going on.

This, by the way is, if you haven’t read it, you should. [Pulls out copy of speech Putin delivered on Feb. 21, 2022] It’s the address to the Russian people on the Donbass problem on February 21, when Moscow was going in. And it lays out why I believe Trump—what he never understood—which is that Russia, he wasn’t just going into Moscow, I mean from Russia into Ukraine, for purposes of keeping them from having weapons, etc. He believes it is an essential part of Russia, from the beginning.

He has just laid out, straight out. He said, he said, ‘I would like to emphasize again, Ukraine is not a neighboring country of us. It is an inalienable part of our own history, culture and spiritual space…Since time immemorial, the people living in the south-west of what has historically been Russia, Russian land have called themselves Russians and Orthodox Christians.’ And he goes on. He makes this whole speech about why it is part of reestablishing the Soviet Union.

So understanding Putin’s aims, the world, the West, the United States, and you find yourselves facing a difficult situation in Ukraine. The war is stalled. Every day, an average of 42 Ukrainian civilians are killed or wounded. Is Russia’s proposal for, to end the war in Ukraine, the best that Ukraine can hope for at this point?

Biden: No, it’s not. And by the way, I don’t know why you skip over all that’s happened in the meantime. The Russian military has been decimated. You don’t write about that. It’s been freaking decimated. Number one.

Number two, NATO is considerably stronger than it was when I took office. I put it together. Not only did I reestablish the fact that it was the strongest alliance in the history of the world, I was able to expand it. While I was in one of the G7 meetings in Europe. when I got back I called on the President of Finland because when I had met earlier in the year with Putin, he said he wanted to see the Finlandization of NATO. I told him, he’s gonna get not the Finlandization, the Natoization of Finland. And everybody thought, including you guys, thought I was crazy.

And guess what? I did it. I did it. And we’re now the strongest nation. We have the strongest alliance in all of America, all of history. In the meantime, what we keep skipping over is what the consequence of the success of Russia in Ukraine would be. That’s why I brought this along. You probably haven’t read it. Most people haven’t read it. He says this is part of reestablishing the Soviet Union. That’s what this is all about. It wasn’t just about taking part of—He wanted, he wanted to go back to the, to the days when there was NATO and there was that other outfit that Poland, everybody belonged to. So that’s what it was about. And in the meantime, what happened was, we were able to—and by the way, we spent a lot of money in Ukraine, but Europe has spent more money than the United States has, collectively. Europe has spent more money in taking on Russia.

So what is the endgame though in Ukraine and what does peace look like there? 

Biden: Peace looks like making sure Russia never, never, never, never occupies Ukraine. That’s what peace looks like. And it doesn’t mean NATO, they are part of NATO, it means we have a relationship with them like we do with other countries, where we supply weapons so they can defend themselves in the future. But it is not, if you notice, I was the one when—and you guys did report it at TIME—the one that I was saying that I am not prepared to support the NATOization of Ukraine.

It should not, it is not—I spent a month in Ukraine when I was a Senator and Vice President. There was significant corruption. There was a circumstance that was really difficult. And so, the point is, though, that if we ever let Ukraine go down, mark my words: you’ll see Poland go, and you’ll see all those nations along the actual border of Russia, from the Balkans and Belarus, all those, they’re going to make their own accommodations.

I want to switch to Israel. But on that last point, is there a danger that NATO is on a slippery slope to war with Ukraine—with Russia, as things stand?

Biden:  No, we’re on a slippery slope for war if we don’t do something about Ukraine. It’s just not gonna…anyway…

So in Israel, obviously, a difficult time there. What steps are you prepared to take against Israel now that Netanyahu appears to have crossed your red line in Rafah, Mr. President?

Biden: I’m not going to speak to that now because you’re going to report this before I make, before—I’m in the process of talking with the Israelis right now. So I’m not going to…

What does that mean? 

Biden: If I tell you, you’ll write it.  It’s not time for you to write it.

What are the nature of your conversations with the Israelis right now? Have you spoken with Bibi? 

Biden: I have not spoken with Bibi since—I have not spoken with Bibi since the attack on Sunday. Was it Sunday?

Ben LaBolt: Yep. Sunday.

Biden: I have not. My team has.

But has he crossed your red line?

Biden: I’m not going to respond to that because I’m about to make a…anyway.

More broadly, from the intelligence in the evidence you’ve seen, either currently or in the last months, have Israeli forces committed war crimes in Gaza?

Biden: The answer is it’s uncertain and has been investigated by the Israelis themselves. The ICC is something that we don’t, we don’t recognize. But one thing is certain, the people in Gaza, the Palestinians have suffered greatly, for lack of food, water, medicine, etc. And a lot of innocent people have been killed. But it is—and a lot of it has to do not just with Israelis, but what Hamas is doing in Israel as we speak. Hamas is intimidating that population. I went over right after that attack on the Israelis. What they did was—exceeded anything I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. Tying mothers and daughters together with rope and pouring kerosene on it and burning them to death. That kind of thing, attempting to intimidate. And it is dastardly.

On what Hamas has done, are the eight US hostages there in Gaza is still alive?

Biden: We believe there are those that are still alive. I met with all the families. But we don’t have final proof on exactly who’s alive and who’s not alive. And by the way, I’ve been calling for—we should have a ceasefire, period. And to get those hostages. That’s the main reason why we push. Both the Israelis desperately want a ceasefire in order to get the hostages home. And it’s a way to begin to break the momentum. And so that’s why we’re pushing hard for the—and we’re—Is our intelligence chief in? Where is he now?

Kirby: He is back, sir. He was just over in Europe, in Brussels, over the weekend.

And whose fault is it that the—that deal, the ceasefire for hostages—has not been consummated? Is it Hamas or Israel or both?

Biden:  Hamas. Hamas could end this tomorrow. Hamas could say (unintelligible) and done period. And, but, and the last offer Israel made was very generous in terms of who they’d be willing to release, what they’d give in return, et cetera. Bibi is under enormous pressure on the hostages, on the hostages, and so he’s prepared to do about anything to get the hostages back.

You mentioned the hunger in Gaza. Some have alleged that Israel is intentionally using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare. Do you think that’s the case?

Biden: No, I don’t think that. I think they’ve engaged in activity that is inappropriate. That is…When I went over immediately after the—Hamas’ brutal attack, I said then, and it became public, I said, don’t make the same mistake we did going after bin Laden. Don’t try—The idea of occupying Afghanistan, the idea that you had nuclear arsenals in Iran that were being, I mean, in Iraq, that were being generated, simply not true. And it led to endless wars. They were not true. Don’t make the mistakes we made. And they’re making that mistake, I think. Excuse my voice, I apologize.

Not at all. Some in Israel have suggested that Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his own political self-preservation. Do you believe that?

Biden: I’m not going to comment on that. There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion. And I would cite that as—before the war began, the blowback he was getting from the Israeli military for wanting to change the constitu—change the court. And so it’s an internal domestic debate that seems to have no consequence. And whether he would change his position or not, it’s hard to say, but it has not been helpful.

Trump has said that Netanyahu is rightfully criticized for Oct. 7. Do you believe that he bears some responsibility for the fact that Oct. 7th happened?

Biden: I don’t know how any one person has that responsibility. He was the leader of the country, so therefore, it happened. But he wasn’t the only one that didn’t pick it up. He wasn’t the only one that didn’t pick it up. That’s why there’s got to be—my major disagreement with Netanyahu is, what happens after, what happens after Gaza’s over? What, what does it go back to? Do Israeli forces go back in? I’ve been talking to the Egyptians and been talking to the Saudis. I’ve been talking to the Jordanians, I’ve been talking to the Emiratis. The answer is, if that’s the case, it can’t work.

There needs to be a two-state solution, a transition to a two-state solution. And that’s my biggest disagreement with Bibi Netanyahu.

Do you have agreement from all the other parties to this multi-part package of deals that would deliver that in Israel, in the region, other than Bibi?  Is Bibi the only thing standing in the way of that?

Biden: I gotta be careful, because you’re gonna print this before the article comes out and I’m in the process of negotiating a lot of that. The answer is that I think there is a clear path for a transition where the Arab states would provide security and reconstruction in Gaza in return for a longer-term commitment to a transition to a two-state solution. And that extends all the way from Saudi Arabia, who I continue to talk to—my team—to the Jordanians that are trying to work bringing in goods and certain goods now, food, medicine, etc. And the Egyptians who I’ve been talking with frequently about what happens in terms of access for more material to get into Gaza to prevent this catastrophe from continuing.

Mr. President, you mentioned at the beginning value-based alliances, and you mentioned the Saudis. Do you believe we share the same values? 

Biden: Remember, I said what the other one was: there’s values-based and there’s practical-based. And it’s overwhelmingly in our interest. For example, you may recall a resolution I introduced at the G20 that no one thought would go anywhere and it passed by providing for a railroad and oil line—oil, excuse me, I misspoke. Railroad lines and transportation, all the way from Riyadh—to Saudi Arabia, to Jordan, to Israel, all through Europe and continuing. And the reason for that is that the economy can be used to bring people together as well. The fact of the matter is the world’s changing. We are at a significant inflection point.

The Saudis are aware that oil is not going to be their ticket to the future 10 years from now. They know it. They know what’s happening. The same way with the rest of these countries. So if you have mutual economic interests in mind, you’re less likely to have conflict. So that’s what—and it passed, by the way, that resolution.

We have a lot of the world to cover. Elsewhere in the region in Iran, but also in the Far East, there are troubling national security developments, long-standing problems that appear to be getting worse, Iran is expanding its stockpile of enriched, highly enriched uranium. North Korea has reportedly restarted its nuclear program and is testing missiles capable of reaching the mainland US, some even as far as New York potentially. Is it effectively American policy now to live with a nuclear or near-nuclear Iran and North Korea?

Biden: No, it’s not. And by the way, that’s been going on for some time. You could have sat here five years ago and said the same thing with regard to North Korea. So…

But that situation is getting more threatening, don’t you think, Mr. President? 

Biden: No, I don’t. I think it’s equally as threatening as it was before. I don’t think it’s more threatening and North Korea has something else that it has to deal with. I did something that you would have been too cynical to think I could possibly do. I put together an Indo-Pacific strategy that is incredibly broad.

Did you ever think if I told you that Japan would be devoting 3% of its GDP to defense and make a rapprochement at Camp David with South Korea as an overwhelming threat that exists to North Korea as well as to Europe? You know, I’ve been able to put 50 nations together to help in Ukraine, led by us but also engaged with, with Japan’s leadership.

So there is—look as long as there are nuclear weapons available, it’s always going to be a problem. It’s gonna—the question is how do we stop it? That’s why I thought Trump was wrong in not wanting to work early on five years ago, and three years ago, when he left office—with trying to control, work out an arrangement to control access to North Korea, to nuclear weapons and/or nuclear weapons that are available to any other area. And that’s why I was able to put together four or five major initiatives in Europe. I put together a quad that never existed before. I put together—I mean personally put together—worked on it, I put together AUKUS with Great Britain and Australia. I put together an agreement between Japan and the Philippines dealing with making sure that we know the international rules of the road pertaining in terms of air and water and territorial integrity.

And so the point is we’ve invested billions of dollars. We are much stronger in the Pacific than we ever were before. China, by the way, China is very concerned about it. They asked me—I’ve spent more time with Xi Jinping than any leader in the world, over 90 hours alone with him since I’ve been Vice President. And we have a very candid relationship.

You know, I don’t have any (unintelligible) He wanted to know why I was doing all these things. I said the simple reason I’m doing those things: to make sure that you don’t, that you aren’t able to change the status quo any.

So getting to exactly that point. Pretty much everybody agrees that managing China’s rise is the most important foreign policy and national security issue for America and Americans in the coming century. CIA director Bill Burns says the President Xi Jinping of China has ordered the Chinese military to be ready by 2027 to conduct a successful invasion of Taiwan. You said on multiple occasions that you would use US forces to defend Taiwan. What does that mean? Is it boots on the ground? What, what shape would that take? 

Biden: It would depend on the circumstances. You know, by the way, I’ve made clear to Xi Jinping that we agree with—we signed on to previous presidents going way back—to the policy of, that, it is we are not seeking independence for Taiwan nor will we, in fact, not defend Taiwan if they if, if China unilaterally tries to change the status. And so we’re continuing to supply capacity. And, and we’ve been in consultation with our allies in the region.

So if I might, not ruling out the possibility of deploying US troops to Taiwan in the case of an invasion?

Biden: Not ruling out using US military force. There’s a distinction between deploying on the ground, air power and naval power, etc.

So you’re maybe striking from bases in Philippines or Japan, is that… 

Biden: I’m not going to get into that. You would then criticize me with good reason if I were to tell you.

The competition in the Pacific Rim is broader than hard power and you’ve expanded Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Mr. President, which you once criticized. 

Biden: No, I haven’t. Go ahead.

Most economists say tariffs raise prices. 

Biden: They do.

Cumulative inflation means that prices are up 18%, at least since you took office and wage increases have not kept pace.

Biden: Since who took office? Since I took office?

Yeah, cumulative inflation means prices are up nearly 20% since you took office and wage increases have not kept pace. 

Biden: Wage increases have exceeded what the cost of inflation, which you’re talking about as the prices that were pre-COVID prices. Pre-COVID prices are not the same as whether or not they—you have American, corporate America ripping off the public now. You have everything from shrinkflation to what’s going on in terms of the way in which they’re artificially moving significantly to increase their, their, their, their, their profits. That’s not the same as inflation. That’s price gouging.

But Mr. President, won’t your newly announced tariffs raise the prices on American consumers?

Biden: No, because here’s the deal. There’s a difference. I made it clear to Putin from the very beginning that—I’m not, we’re not engaging in…For example, Trump wants a 10% tariff on everything. That will raise the price of everything in America. [Editor’s note: Biden appeared to mean Xi here, not Putin.]

What I’m talking about, I said, we’re gonna play by the same rules. You tell me if I want to, if an American corporation wants to invest in China, it has to give 50% ownership, 51% ownership to a Chinese operator. And that goes on from there. And I said, so you’re gonna do that to us? (unintelligible) We’re going to do the same thing if you want to invest here. We’re not putting a tariff on. We’re just saying, if you want to do that, well, we’re gonna do that. And you cannot change the market in a way where you flood the market by—ignore all Chinese government subsidies to undercut their ability as to deal with electric vehicles. And we’re not going to put up with it. That’s the thing we talked about. And that’s what we’re talking about. We’re not talking about tariffs across the board.

Okay, I’m gonna do a couple of rapid fire here. Another of your first acts as President under the banner of value-based leadership was to lift various punitive Trump-era immigration measures, Mr. President, that you and others said were inhumane. In retrospect, do you think those humanitarian moves helped drive record illegal border crossing? 

Biden:  No.

Were you wrong to lift any of those measures?

Biden: If I was wrong, it’s because I took too long,

You’ve put some back in place. The Green Card issue, it’s been reported that you’re looking at reinstating Remain in Mexico. Are you looking at reinstating… 

Biden: No

The last two years of Presidents, two-term President’s tenure are usually focused on foreign affairs. You are 81 years old, and would be 86 by the time you left office. Large majorities of Americans, including in the Democratic Party, tell pollsters they think you are too old to lead. Could you really do this job as an 85-year old man?

Biden: I can do it better than anybody you know.  You’re looking at me, I can take you too.

Did you consider not running again because of your age?

Biden: No, I didn’t.

And what do you say to Americans who are worried about it?

Biden: Watch me. Look, name me a president that’s gotten as much done as I’ve gotten done in my first three and a half years. When all of you wrote in Time magazine I couldn’t get any of it done. When you told me there’s no pay, no way, no way he can get a trillion-plus dollar bill done in terms of, to deal with infrastructure, where there’s no way he gets $368 billion for dealing with the environment, where there’s no way I could get the, the, the legislation passed on.

I remember when I was heading to Taiwan, excuse me, to South Korea, to reclaim the chips industry that we had gotten $865 billion in private-sector investment, private-sector investments since I’ve been in. Name me a president who’s done that.

You pledged at the beginning to restore unity. Both Trump and top Democrats, including some of your aides, say the greatest threat to America’s national security is its—and its ability to lead the free world comes not from abroad, but from within, from US politics. Do you agree with that?

Biden: I think it has a significantly diminishing impact on our ability to get things done internationally. Look, I tell you, I’ll just—let me give you one example. After I was elected, the first G7 I attended as President was in, in London—in England, along the beach down there. And I sat down with the seven leaders that were there. And I was sitting where you were, at this longer table.

I said, “Well, America’s back.” Macron looked at me and he said, “For how long? For how long?” And then Scholz said to me, “What would you say Mr. President, if tomorrow you pick up The London Times and found out that thousands of people stormed the British Parliament, broke down the doors, killed two Bobbies to prevent the implement—the swearing in of a, of a prime minister, a choice of prime minister?”

And it made me realize just how fundamentally what he allowed to happen sitting in this room, looking at that television for three hours and didn’t do a damn thing, said about America, and how much confidence people lost in America. There’s not a, there’s not a…I’m gonna, say, be careful what I say…There’s not a major international meeting I attend that before it’s over—and I’ve attended many, more than most presidents have in three and a half years—that a world leader doesn’t pull me aside as I’m leaving and say, “He can’t win. You can’t let him win.”

My democracy and their democracy is at stake. My democracy is at stake. And so name me a world leader other than Orban and Putin who think that Trump should be the world leader in the United States of America.

LaBolt: We’ll have to leave it there.

Let me ask you one on the…if you do win in November, Mr. President, with a mandate to continue your approach to foreign policy, what would your goals be in the second term?

Biden:  To finish what I started in the first term. To continue to make sure that the European continent—I’ll tell you, I got a call from Kissinger about 10 days before he died. And he used the following comment. He said that not since Napoleon has Europe not looked over their shoulder at dread with what Europe—what Russia may do, until now. Until now, you can’t let that change.

The point is that we have an opportunity to have the decisions we make in the last couple of years, in the next four years, are going to determine the future of Europe for a long time to come. And so that’s why we can not let NATO fail, we have to build that both politically and economically. And militarily, which we’re investing significantly. In addition to that, I am desperately focused on making sure that we deal with the…what they are calling the south now. There are going to be a billion people in Africa in the next several years. We have to, we have to be a catalyst for change for the benefit, for the, for the better, we have to help them build back better, we have to help them.

We, on the climate side, have come along and we’ve done everything that is reasonably—and three other countries are the reason we’re in the problem we’re in. But what happens if all of a sudden, on the Amazon, they’re starting to clear, vast swaths of land, cut down forests, etc. Back when Dick Lugar was alive, he and I started something back in the 90s, where we said—late 80’s, excuse me—where we said to, in the Amazon, they said, look, if you, we’ll make a deal with you Brazil. You don’t cut your forest, we’ll pay you not to do it. We’ll pay you not to do it, We have to prevent—And that’s why we’re working so hard to make sure Angola can be in a position that they have more solar capacity than almost any place in the world, to help that whole continent.

That’s why we want to build a railroad all the way—with others in Europe—all the way across the continent. So that you have, you have countries that have overproduction of agriculture and some that don’t have it, but no way to get a transfer. There’s so much opportunity in Africa. And we have to work it.

In addition to that, we have to deal with the Indo-Pacific. I’ve had 15 island presidents and leaders here twice now. They know if they—if we don’t do something about global warming, a couple of them are going to be underwater. I mean, literally underwater, not to—So we’re putting together coalitions of people that have a similar interest. And it makes it difficult. You know, you’re talking, everybody talks about how, how strong China is and how powerful they are. Name me—Would you trade places with Xi Jinping and any other country? Not a joke, I’m being deadly earnest, a rhetorical question. But would you? You’ve got a population that’s considerably older than the vast majority of the youth in Europe, that is too old to work. And they are xenophobic. Where is it coming from? Where is it going to grow? You’ve got an economy that’s on the brink there. The idea that their economy is booming? Give me a break.

I do have one last on China, which is are they meddling in the election? Have you seen evidence that they’re meddling with AI or in other ways in the US election?

Biden: There, there, there, there is evidence that meddling is going on. I’m not going to get into, I don’t think I should from an intelligence standpoint, there.

It sounds as if they are.

Biden: I think China would have an interest—let me put it this way—would have an interest in meddling. Everybody, all the bad guys are rooting for Trump, man. Not a joke. Think about it. Think about it.I mean, that line that Macron used, and it says that…I was making notes for this. It said, Macron, they know the experience of brain death unlike any time. Because lack of US leadership, we should reassess the reality of NATO in light of the lack of US leadership.

You know, we talked about what they’re looking at in terms of Asia. One thing that I was able to convince the Japanese of is we’re not walking away from Japan. Because Japan, collected with us, is a source of great economic strength and stability, physical stability for both of us. You’re not going to have, I mean, the idea that China wants to screw with everybody is a different place.

By the way, the cost of China to build their military is multi-billions of dollars. And guess what they’re, you know, they’re, they’re…what they call it? Going around the world? The Belt and Road initiative? It’s become a nuisance graveyard initiative. I’m serious. Think about it. I’ve been saying this for three years, and you guys write, “No, China’s on the right—China’s gonna break through.” Where are they, where are they breaking through? And look what’s happening in Africa.

Well, I could I could go on with that question for a long time, Mr. President, thank you very much I’ve taken—

Biden: After this is all over, I’m happy to talk with you. For real.

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