Muslim Persecution of Christians

Muslim Persecution of Christians


The popular image of the Crusades is of Christian warriors terrorizing non-Christians, forcing them to convert or expelling them from their lands, and establishing Christian rule. In the eyes of many, the Crusades are not just a relic of history; they’re going on right now. To avoid further accusations of following in their dark footsteps, former President George W. Bush dropped the word from his vocabulary when Europeans scolded him for speaking of America’s crusade against terror. In fact, however, the Crusades were an attempt to rescue Christian lands that had been conquered by Islam, while today’s political correctness obscures the terrible reality of a resurgent Islam. There is no Christian Crusade (and only a weak-kneed, inconsistent campaign against terror). But there is a persecution of Christians in Muslim lands, where they are being victimized more relentlessly and brutally today than they have been since the defeat of the Islamic empire at the gates of Vienna on September 11, 1683.

Yet the world continues to avert its eyes. Fearful of offending Muslim sensibilities, the international community has largely ignored this persecution, allowing it to go on under the cover of silence. Thus unchallenged, Muslim persecution of Christians has become a drearily familiar narrative, repeated with terrifying frequency in Muslim-controlled areas throughout the world. An especially disturbing dimension of these persecutions is that in no other instance of violence around the world today is religious bigotry, hatred and bloodshed legitimized by holy writ, in this case the Qur’an and other Islamic texts and teachings. Nowhere else does religious bigotry have such bloody consequences. And yet nowhere else does such religious bigotry take place almost entirely without comment, let alone condemnation, from the human rights community.

The text above is excerpted and adapted from Muslim Persecution of Christians (by Robert Spencer, 2011).

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