Leftwing Monsters

Leftwing Monsters


This section of Discover The Networks focuses on leftist political leaders, past and present, who have inflicted immense suffering upon their innocent countrymen, innocents in other lands, or both. Many of these individuals have been elevated by the Left to the status of icons. Among the hallmarks of their “progressive” regimes, which rank among the most oppressive on record, have been the attempt to implement the discredited economic theories of Karl Marx and the determination to create a new page in human history by purging their societies of “reactionary” ideas and ultimately all dissent. Invariably these totalitarians have sought to advance their goals by any means necessary, including torture, mass enslavement, and genocide. Their monstrous crimes were inspired and then justified by the quest for “social justice,” an impossible task that would require the remaking of human beings themselves to accomplish. It is the attempt to remake humanity that produces the atrocities, as the gruesomely monotonous record of radicals in power shows.

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